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LED light on circuit board


From its roots fostering the invention of the telephone to the innovation that made the blue LED possible, the Boston University College of Engineering continues to be at the forefront of technology. Today, our research is focused on applying that technology to address some of society's most critical needs.

Our graduate students work alongside our award-winning faculty, directly contributing to their groundbreaking discoveries, such as the genetic "toggle switch" that turns specific cellular functions on and off. We also offer paid research positions for undergraduate students so they, too, can take part in the innovation process.

Culture Of Collaboration

Our students and faculty regularly collaborate with colleagues throughout the College and across the University-from mathematics and physics to medicine, dentistry and management. Our location in Boston-a true technology hot spot-also provides unprecedented opportunities to collaborate with researchers from industry, government and neighboring universities. The interdisciplinary nature of our research encourages discovery and gives students valuable exposure to fields that complement their primary areas of study.

Core Research Strengths

Through interdisciplinary work with researchers inside and outside the College, our faculty has built research strengths in the several core areas. Here are a few examples: