Frequently Asked Questions

    Fall Application Deadlines

  • January 15
    All applications to LEAP completed by this date will have the best chance for tuition scholarship.

  • May 31
    Deadline to submit all required credentials for students applying to LEAP.
    Spring Application Deadline

  • October 1

We encourage you to register for a live online webinar to learn more about the LEAP program. The webinar ends with a chat forum, where you can ask questions. You may contact Denise Joseph, LEAP Program Manager at

LEAP students come from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. They range from recent graduates to working professionals seeking a career change. Social workers, doctors, Peace Corps volunteers, teachers, and lawyers among others have earned their engineering Master’s degrees through LEAP. The diverse nature of our student body is what makes LEAP such a rich, rewarding and unique program.

Class size varies from semester to semester but on average we matriculate between 50-60 students.

    Engineering is a calculus-based curriculum:

  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to have successfully completed Calculus 1 for math or science majors before applying.
  • The LEAP math sequence begins with Calculus II. Prior to matriculating, students are expected to be proficient with Calculus I concepts.

As a LEAP student your faculty advisor will recommend a program plan customized to your academic background, including any relevant coursework completed after your bachelors degree.

To prepare for success at the master’s level, students build a foundation in engineering with undergraduate coursework tailored to their needs. Most of our master’s degree programs require 32 credits (8 courses) and can be completed in one academic year with full time study.

Students who entered through LEAP are awarded the same master’s degree as traditional masters graduates within the College of Engineering.