MMEDIC Modular Medical Integrated Curriculum

MMEDIC is an early selection program designed for biomedical engineering students who are interested in becoming physicians. A small number of highly qualified students, who have completed two years of the pre-medical option of the undergraduate biomedical engineering curriculum, are admitted to the program each year.

The program offers an integrated curriculum composed of undergraduate and medical-school related courses, enabling those preselected students to enhance their transition to the curriculum at the School of Medicine. The MMEDIC program thus introduces certain of the preclinical subjects into the last two years of undergraduate study. The program utilizes a series of instructional modules which include biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, socio-medical sciences, medical histology, human physiology, public health, and humanities.

The MMEDIC program is not designed to accelerate either the undergraduate degree or medical training, but rather to effect a better transition from undergraduate engineering to graduate medical study. The BS in Biomedical Engineering is normally earned after four years of undergraduate study, the MD after an additional four years of study at the School of Medicine.

For further information, including program requirements and admission criteria, please visit the MMEDIC bulletin page.