Minor in Materials Science & Engineering

Apply for a Minor in Materials Science & Engineering
Minor Application


  • A Minor in Materials Science & Engineering is earned through completion of 20 credits.
  • No more than 8 credits may overlap between a student’s major and minor.
  • A student must be at least a Sophomore and have a declared major on record in order to apply for a minor.
  • Students are expected to obtain the necessary background (pre-requisites or equivalents) to complete their chosen minor program.
  • A student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) across all 20 credits for the minor must be 2.00 or higher to earn the minor.
  • Applications for a Minor in Materials Science & Engineering must be approved by the Minor Coordinator of the Division of Materials Science & Engineering.
  • It is recommended that students interested in pursuing a Minor in Materials Science & Engineering apply as early as possible in their degree program in order to facilitate course planning, but in no case later than October 1 of a student’s senior year.
  • The following courses may be used to satisfy the requirements of the minor:
    • Required Courses
      • ENG ME 306: Materials Science
      • Any ENG MS 500-level course (or cross-listed ME section of the same course
    • Elective Courses
      • ENG ME 305: Mechanics of Materials
      • ENG EC 471: Physics of Semiconductor Devices
      • ENG MS/ME 505: Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics of Materials
      • ENG MS/ME 503: Kinetic Processes in Materials
      • ENG MS/EC 577: Electrical, Optical, & Magnetic Properties of Materials
      • ENG MS/ME 504: Polymers & Soft Materials
      • ENG MS/ME 582: Mechanical Behavior of Materials
      • ENG MS/ME 508 or CAS PY/CH 508: Computational Methods in Materials Science
      • ENG MS/BE/ME 523: Mechanics of Biomaterials
      • ENG MS/ME 545: Electrochemistry of Fuel Cells & Batteries
      • ENG MS/ME 530: Introduction to Micro & Nanomechanics of Solids
      • ENG MS/ME 555: MEMS Fabrication & Materials
      • ENG MS/ME 534: Materials Technology for Microelectronics
      • CAS PY 451: Quantum Physics
      • CAS PY 543: Introduction to Solid State Physics
    • Please note: The following courses overlap too much for credit to be given for both: ENG MS/ME 505 AND CAS PY 410
  • For questions regarding minor requirements, please contact:
    Prof. Srikanth Gopalan, MSE Minor Coordinator
    730 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 210