Stormy Attaway

Assistant Professor (ME)

  • Office 110 Cummington Mall, Room ENG 112
  • Phone (617) 353-5224

Assistant Professor (ME)

  • Education Ph.D., Boston University
  • Areas of Interest Educational methods * Computer programming for engineers

    Stormy Attaway, MATLAB: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving, Third Edition, pp.538+x, Burlington, MA, Elsevier Inc., 2013.

    Stormy Attaway, Using MATLAB to Teach Programming to First-Year Engineering Students at Boston University, MathWorks News & Notes, 2010.

    Stormy Attaway, “The Boundary Element Method for the Diffusion Equation: A Feasibility Study” in Boundary Integral Methods, Theory and Applications, Morino and Piva, eds. Springer-Verlad, 1991.
  • Research Areas Professor Attaway coordinates and teaches the introductory engineering course for freshmen.  Using MATLAB as the platform for instruction, she uses the approach of teaching basic programming concepts and the efficient use of built-in functions side-by-side.  In 2009, she published a book detailing this innovative approach.

    Professor Attaway is the Director of Curricular Assessment and Improvement for the College of Engineering.  In this capacity, she coordinates the curricular assessment and improvement programs within the College, in order to better the academic experience of the undergraduates.

    In 2014, Professor Attaway was the winner of the Metcalf Cup and Prize, the University’s highest teaching honor.

Affiliation: Primary & Affiliated Faculty (ME)