Ray Nagem

Associate Professor (ME)

  • Office 110 Cummington Mall, ENG 420
  • Phone (617) 353-5925

Associate Professor (ME)

  • Education Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Research Interests

Structural dynamics * Random vibration * Wave propagation * Inverse problems

Professor Nagem is developing a computational model for wave propagation in coupled fluid-elastic systems that he applies to large-scale problems in the ocean environment while a visiting scientist at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center. He also specializes in the theory and applications of wave scattering with emphasis on methods for detecting submerged and buried objects. Such algorithms are used in sonar systems, optical and electron microscopy, spectroscopy, radiography, and ultrasonics. Other areas of study include molecular dynamics and structural dynamics pertaining to flexible structures suitable for space habitation.


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