Kamil Ekinci

Studio Portrait of Areo/Mech ENG Prof. Kamil Ekinci

Professor (ME, MSE)

Professor (ME, MSE)

  • Education Ph.D. Brown University
  • Additional Affiliations Division of Materials Science & Engineering
  • Honors and Awards NSF CAREER Award, 2007
  • Areas of Interest Nanomechanics, Nanofluidics, Nanophotonics, Applications of MEMS and NEMS
  • Research Areas Professor Kamil Ekinci’s research focuses on physical and biological phenomena at the nanometer length scales. His group uses state-of-the-art nanofabrication techniques to create functional micro and nanostructures. They use these small structures along with highly sensitive electrical and optical measurement techniques to study diverse fundamental phenomena in solid mechanics, fluid dynamics and biological physics. They are also engaged in developing nanoscale devices and ultrasensitive measurement techniques for a variety of applications in biotechnology.


Affiliation: Primary & Affiliated Faculty (ME), Primary & Affiliated Faculty (MSE)