Janusz Konrad


Professor (ECE)

Professor (ECE)

  • Primary Appointment Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Education PhD, McGill University, 1989
  • Additional Affiliations Center for Information and Systems Engineering
  • Honors and Awards 2019-2021 Distinguished Lecturer, IEEE Signal Processing Society
    2015-2016 Member-at-Large, Conference Board, IEEE Signal Processing Society
    2013 General Chair, IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-Based Surveillance
    2011 ECE Professor of the Year, Boston University
    2010 AVSS Best Paper Award (with K. Guo and P. Ishwar)
    2010 ICPR SDHA Contest Win (with K. Guo and P. Ishwar)
    2008 Fellow, IEEE
    2004-2005 EURASIP Image Communications Best Paper Award
    2001 IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Award
    2013- Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
    2011- Area Editor, EURASIP Signal Processing: Image Communication
    2006-10 Associate Editor, EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing
    2002-2004 Associate Editor, Signal Processing Letters
    1998-2012 Associate Technical Editor, IEEE Communications Magazine
    1996-2000 Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
  • Classes Taught EK 130 Introduction to Engineering
    EK 131/132 Introduction to Engineering
    EC 416 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
    EC 500 Special Topics in ECE
    EC 520 Digital Image Processing and Communication
    EC 720 Digital Video Processing
  • Areas of Interest Visual sensor networks
    Image and video processing
    Stereoscopic and 3-D imaging
    Digital signal processing


Affiliation: Primary & Affiliated Faculty (ECE)