Frank Di Bella

Frank DiBella

Senior Lecturer (ME)

Senior Lecturer (ME)

  • Education M.Eng, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Mr. Frank Di Bella is a Program Manager in the Large Product Development group at Concepts NREC (Woburn, MA.; Mr. Di Bella’s 25 years of professional work and accomplishments in the industry are enhanced by his many years of teaching and as the Director for the School of Engineering Technology at Northeastern University. His professional research interests have involved the practical, engineering applications of innovative energy systems utilizing renewable or recoverable energy resources in novel ways. He has developed Organic Rankine Cycle Systems for waste heat recovery applications. His current projects at Concepts NREC include developing hydrogen compressors for the Hydrogen Fuel Economy, as well as researching methods for improving the power recovery from ocean waves using oscillating water column systems. Mr. Di Bella has a BSME from Northeastern University, Masters ME from Rensselaer Polytechnique Institute, and is a Registered Professional Engineer. Mr. Di Bella has also written instructional primers on Design Process Methodology and the effective use of spreadsheets to solve significant engineering and physical science problems.  Mr. Di Bella is a registered PE in Mechanical Engineering in Massachusetts.

Affiliation: Adjunct Faculty (ME),