Fernando Fernandez

Fernandez, Fernando

Research Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Research Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

  • Primary Appointment Research Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Education B.Sc. & Ph.D Neuroscience, University of Calgary
  • Areas of Interest Current research interests include cortical cell electrophysiology, single cell modeling, non-linear dynamics, and network oscillations. Electrophysiological recordings and modeling of membrane voltage and spike discharge are used to study the biophysical properties of neurons and the integration of synaptic inputs. I use single-cell patch-clamp electrophysiology in combination with two-photon imaging to target specific cells in neocortex and record intracellular membrane voltage and current in individual neurons in both intact animals and isolated brain tissue.
  • Research Areas My general research goals are to understand the underlying mechanisms of neuronal electrical activity and its implications for synaptic integration and spike output in cortical circuits. Currently, I’m interested in the mechanisms establishing the statistical and spectral properties of intracellular membrane voltage fluctuations observed in awake animals.


Affiliation: Research Faculty (BME)