Enrique Gutierrez Wing

Master Lecturer

  • Office 730 Commonwealth Avenue, EMA 202C
  • Phone (617) 358-1137

Master Lecturer

  • Primary Appointment Mechanical Engineering
  • Education Ph.D. University of London
  • Areas of Interest Modal analysis * Dynamics of machinery and multi-body systems * Dynamic system identification * Vibration testing * Active vibration control
  • Research Areas Dr Gutierrez’ research focuses on the interpretation and prediction of vibration phenomena in structures and rotating machines, as well as on the development of novel analysis techniques and software tools. Some of his recent projects include the development of active vibration control devices using polymer-metal nano-fibers, the development of efficient balancing techniques to reduce vibrations in turbo-machinery rotors and the formulation of system identification strategies for the reliable modeling of machine and structural dynamic behavior based on vibration measurements.


Recent publications:
  • Bedolla, J., Szwedowicz, D., Jimenez, J., Majewski, T., Cortes, C., Gutierrez-Wing, E.S., Improvement of dynamic response in an impact absorber by frictional elements,Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 28(4), April 2014, pp. 1349-1363.
  • Gutierrez-Wing, E.S., Vélez-Castán, G., Szwedowicz-Wasik, D., Bedolla-Hernández, J., Cortés-García, C., Identification of close vibration modes of a quasi-axisymmetric structure: a complementary study, Ingeniería Investigación y Tecnología, 14(2), Apr-Jun 2013.
  • Bedolla-Hernández, J., Majewski-Szymiec, T., Szwedowicz-Wasik, D., Martínez-Rayón, E., Cortés-García, C., Gutierrez-Wing, E.S., Approximation of discrete profiles in mechanical assembly contact elements, published online in Ingeniería Investigación y Tecnología, 14(1), Jan-Mar 2013 (in Spanish).
  • Gutierrez-Wing, E.S., Aguirre-Romano, J.E., Colin-Ocampo, J., Cortes-García, C. Balancing of rigid rotors without test runs, Journal of the Mexican Society of Mechanical Engineers, vol.3, no.6, March 2011, pp. 195-205.

Affiliation: Primary & Affiliated Faculty (ME)