Bob Sjostrom

Senior CIMLAB Specialist, EPIC

  • Office 750 Commonwealth Ave., EPC 101
  • Phone (617) 353-4246

Senior CIMLAB Specialist, EPIC

  • Areas of Interest • Oversee operation of machine shop
    • Provide training on general machining, CAM, and CNC programming
    • Assist students with design projects in courses EK131, EK156, ME306, ME359, ME360, and ME461
    • Support student clubs (BURPG, BU Racing, BUA Robotics, etc.)
    • In-shop demos on manufacturing procedures and Gibbs CAM training
    • Research support


Over 35 years experience in manufacturing and computerized machining in both production and research fields.
Responsible for day to day operation of department machine shop and also provide design assistance and research support when needed.

Affiliation: Administration & Staff (ME),