Anna Swan


ECE Associate Chair of Doctoral Programs & Associate Professor (ECE, MSE)

ECE Associate Chair of Doctoral Programs & Associate Professor (ECE, MSE)

  • Primary Appointment Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Education PhD, Boston University, 1993
  • Additional Affiliations Materials Science and Physics
    Photonics Center
  • Honors and Awards Dean’s Catalyst Award, BU College of Engineering, 2011
    Senior Member, IEEE, 2007
  • Classes Taught EK131/132 Introduction to Engineering
    EC307 Electrical Circuit Theory
    EC471 Physics of Semiconductor Devices
    EC481 Fundamentals of Nanotechnology
    EC575 Semiconductor Devices
    EC764 Optical Measurement
    EC892 Seminar: Electro-Physics
  • Areas of Interest optical studies using Raman spectroscopy
    rayleigh scattering and time-resolved pump-probe experiments to study electronic and vibrational properties and energy dissipation mechanisms and exciton dynamics of low dimensional systems- graphene and carbon nanotubes
    studies performed on single, individual nanotubes and quantum dots
    spectral self-interference spectroscopy for high resolution imaging and biosensing


Affiliation: Administration & Staff (ECE), Primary & Affiliated Faculty (ECE), Primary & Affiliated Faculty (MSE), Primary Faculty (MSE)