Alondra Andino


Senior Programs Coordinator (ECE)

  • Office 8 Saint Mary’s St, Boston, MA 02215, PHO 324
  • Phone (617) 358-4410

Senior Programs Coordinator (ECE)

  • Areas of Interest 1. Undergraduate Program Administration
    a. Assist in preparations for ABET reviews and visits
    b. Provide administrative support for courses as requested.
    c. Maintain information on undergraduate publications, honors, awards.
    d. Faculty/student advisor assignments with Assoc. Chair
    2. Faculty, Student, and GTF Evaluations
    a. Processes student, faculty, and GTF evaluations as received from the College or University.
    b. Maintains records of teaching assessments
    c. Coordinate student conference awards (grace hopper, SWE, etc)
    3. Scheduling
    a. Assist director and scheduling committee chair with course scheduling
    4. Financial Administration
    a. PhD student funding contracts and process their payroll
    b. Hire, train and supervise financial assistant students
    d. Assist with financial reporting as needed

Affiliation: Administration & Staff (ECE),