ENG-IT Accounts

It is strongly recommended that all current and new faculty, staff and students get a Microsoft Windows account specific to the College of Engineering known as an AD or Active Directory Account (http://www.bu.edu/computing/accounts/ad/eng/). Even if you suspect that you will not be using a Windows machine, this account will give you access to other resources such as RequestTracker and physical access to rooms.

University Resources

ACS.BU.EDU – ACS (Academic Computing System) is a shared cluster of UNIX systems which can be used as your sole computing resource or in conjunction with personal or departmental computers. ACS provides access to e-mail, the Web, statistical and scientific software packages, programming languages, text processing software, and much more. Everyone at the University is eligible for an account on ACS.

PEOPLE.BU.EDU is a Web server at Boston University exclusively for students, faculty, staff, and organizations that want to publish on the Web. Individuals may want to publish pages detailing research findings, academic achievements, extracurricular activities, etc. Students can particularly benefit from using people.bu.edu in their job search — publish your résumé online and potential employers have it at their fingertips. Student groups and organizations can use people.bu.edu to recruit new members, make announcements, document activities, and gather feedback. The possibilities are endless.

College of Engineering Resources

The accounts listed below are for faculty and (graduate) students who conduct research on UNIX machines or prefer a Microsoft Exchange account for e-mail management.

ENGC.BU.EDU – ENGC is a general purpose compute server with quad 400MHz processors running Solaris 8. ENGC provides access to e-mail, the Web, statistical and scientific software packages, programming languages, text processing software, and much more. This system is only available to faculty and graduate students that have sponsorship.

AD or AD.BU.EDU – AD stands for Active Directory and its purpose is to provide access to a range of resources in the College. There are many servers that are attached to AD both at the College and departmental level. Having an AD account enables you to log in to Windows machines at both the Charles River and Medical Campus using your BU username and Kerberos password.

Please note: There is no harm in requesting an account multiple times. Also, you will not receive confirmation once your account has been activated. If you do, however, experience problems please send an e-mail to enghelp@bu.edu.

Account Request – If you need an account and either of the forms have given you a 503 error, please request that your request for an account be pre-approved.

Microsoft Exchange – If you are faculty or staff member in the College and would prefer to have your mail delivered to an Exchange server, please request an account.

Please note: The only mail client supported by a Microsoft Exchange Server is Microsoft Outlook (not Outlook Express). In addition, you can also check, create, reply and forward e-mail using Outlook Web Access (OWA) which is located at http://engwebmail.bu.edu/exchange/.

Kerberos Account (password only)

Kerberos Account – Primarily reserved for guests who do not require an ACS or ENGC account. If you do not have an ID number (beginning with a U or G), please visit Guest Account Request to request one.