ENG Information Technology (ENG-IT)

The Engineering Information Technology office (ENG-IT) is dedicated to providing local technical support for the College of Engineering’s complex computer environment. We provide numerous services in the support of the College’s objectives and goals, including hardware and software support, extensive research computing resources, storage and email services and business application creation. For any technical problems that may arise, please contact our desktop support services at enghelp@bu.edu.

ENG-IT can provide guidance and assistance in the purchasing of computer equipment and software for the departments, research labs and administration offices of the College.

The file storage system supported by ENG-IT provides a central, secure and backed-up location for any Engineering research or administrative office. ENG-IT also supports numerous other servers which support the daily operations of the College.

Service Level Agreements

ENG-IT makes all attempts to personally respond to tickets created, if not resolve them within 24 hours of submitting a request to enghelp@bu.edu or calling 353-5303. Please note, some requests will require more troubleshooting time than others but the individuals working with you on your ticket will maintain contact to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.