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"GPUs Accelerating Research" Week at Northeastern and BU, 4/24 and 4/25

Wednesday 4/24 - GPU Presentations Day at Northeastern
140 The Fenway Building, 3rd floor
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Thursday 4/25 – GPU Programming Workshop at BU
Whitaker Computational Simulation Facility
24 Cummington Mall, Basement Room B03/B04

Northeastern University and Boston University, together with NVIDIA, are hosting a “GPUs Accelerating Research” Week next month.

On the first day, Wednesday 4/24, Northeastern is hosting a day of talks focused on how graphics processors are accelerating new and interesting areas of research in novel ways. The goal of this meeting is to provide a venue for both industry and academia to come together to discuss these innovations, and explore what lies ahead in GPU acceleration. Given that we have limited space in this one-day workshop, papers not selected for presentation at the workshop will have the option to present at a poster session to be held during the workshop. Please submit a 2 page abstract to both and if you are interested in presenting.

On the second day, Thursday 4/25, Boston University is hosting an all-day CUDA and OpenACC developer's workshop. Prerequisites for getting the most out of this workshop are a basic understanding of C and the Linux command line. Please register for the workshop at this link, and send any questions to both and Lunch will be provided.