SE Alumni

The College of Engineering established the Division of Systems Engineering in July 2008. However, the College has offered the PhD in Systems Engineering since 2001, through the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the former Department of Manufacturing Engineering. See profiles of SE alumni on the Alumni Spotlight page.

PhD Graduates

Name Advisor Graduated Thesis/
Xinmiao Sun Cassandras September 2017 Static and Dynamic Optimization Problems in Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems Postdoctoral Researcher, Data Analytics Group, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL), Cambridge, MA
Jing Zhang Paschalidis September 2017 Detection and Optimization Problems With Applications in Smart Cities Research Scientist at MERL
Yuting Chen Saligrama May 2017 Similarity Learning for Person Re- Identification and Semantic Video Retrieval
Sepideh Pourazarm Cassandras January 2017 Control and Optimization Approaches for Energy- Limited Systems: Applications to Wireless Sensor Networks and Battery-Powered Vehicles
Elli Ntakou Caramanis January 2017 Distribution Power Markets: Detailed Modeling and Tractable Algorithms
Eran Simhon Starobinski September 2016 Strategic Behavior in Queues with Advance
Senior Research Scientist, Phillips Research
Qi Zhao Paschalidis May 2016 Control and Optimization Methods in Biomedical Systems:  From cells to Humans
Cristian-Ioan Vasile Belta May 2016 Motion Planning and Control: A Formal
Methods Approach
Julia Lima Fleck Cassandras May 2016 Perturbation Analysis in Stochastic Hybrid
Systems: Applications to Trans- portation
Systems and Systems Biology
Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio)
Yasaman Khazaeni Cassandras May 2016 An Event-driven Approach to Control and
Optimization of Multi-agent Systems
Wei Si Starobinski January 2016 Integrating Wireless   Technologies into Intra-Vehicular Communication
Emir Kavurmacioglu Starobinski January 2016 Oligopolies in Private Spectrum Commons:
Analysis and Regulatory Implications
Senior Associate, Axon Partners Group
Bowen Zhang Baillieul September 2015 Role of Control, Commun-   ication, and Markets In  Smart Building Operation Operations Research Analyst, Cambridge Energy Solutions, Nomis Solutions
Evgeniy Goldis Caramanis May 2015 Topology Control Algorithms in Power Systems Partner, Newton Energy Group, LLC
Austin Jones Belta May 2015 Formal Methods Paradigms for Estimation and Machine Learning in Dynamical Systems Post-Doctoral Fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology
Mohammad Moghadasi Paschalidis May 2015 Optimization Methods for Side-Chain Positioning and Macromolecular Docking Optimization Software Engineer, Nomis Solutions
Jing Wang Paschalidis September 2014 Anomaly Detection and Dynamic Decision Making for Stochastic Systems Software Engineer, Google, Inc.
Jing Qian Saligrama September 2014 Anomaly Detection in High-Dimensional Space Software Engineer & Researcher, Baidu USA
Xuchao Lin Cassandras September 2014 Optimal Control Approaches for Persistent Monitoring Problems Research Scientist, Luijazui International Financial Asset Exchange Co., Ltd.
Igor Cizelj Belta May 2014 Vehicle Control from Temporal Logic Specifications with Probabilistic Satisfaction Core QA Associate II, AIR Worldwide
Ebru Aydin Gol Belta May 2014 Formal Verification and Controller Synthesis for Discrete-time Systems Software Engineer, Site Reliability, Google, Inc.
Hanieh Mirzaei Vakili May 2014 Manifold Optimization Methods for Macromolecular Docking Software Engineer, Google, Inc.
Enes Bilgin Caramanis May 2014 Participation of Distributed Loads in Power Markets that Co-Optimize Energy and Reserves Research Scientist at Amazon, and Adjunct Faculty at McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin
M. Alphan Ulusoy Belta 2014 January Optimal Temporal Logic Control of
Autonomous Vehicles
Senior Software Engineer, MathWorks, Inc.
Jiefu Zheng Castanon 2013 September Stochastic Network Interdiction Games Software Engineer, Google, Inc.
Yanfeng Geng Cassandras 2013 May Optimization Methods For Intelligent Transportation Systems in Urban Settings SDE, Amazon
Tao Wang Cassandras 2013 May Control and Optimization Approaches for Power Management in Energy-Aware Battery-Powered Systems Operations Research Developer, Sabre Holdings
Xiaojin Tang Vakili 2013 January Importance Sampling for Efficient Parametric Simulation Quantitative Research Analyst, State Street Global Advisors
Na Sun Vakili 2013 January Control Variate Approach for Multi-User Estimation via Monte Carlo Simulation Analytics QA, Senior Associate, MSC
Fuzhuo Huang Paschalidis 2013 January On the Maximum Weighted Independent Set Problem with Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks Software Engineer, Google
Justin Foster Caramanis 2012 May Control Systems in Future Power Markets: Market Based Demand Response, Transmission Topology Control, and Synergies with Renewable Integration Statistical Research Engineer, Affinnova
Ronald Taylor Locke Paschalidis 2012 May Anomaly Detection with Applications in Environmental and Cyber Security Altman Vilandre & Co.
Yiduo Zhou Perkins 2012 May Probabilistic Policies in Re-Entrant Queueing Systems With a Product-Form Steady-State Distribution Sichuan Jidao Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Ali Kebarighotbi Cassandras 2012 January Perturbation Analysis in Fluid Scheduling and Optimization of Stochastic Hybrid Systems Neilsen Innovation Services
Zeyu Wu Little 2012 January Free Space Optical Networking with Visible Light: A Multi-Hop Multi-Access Solution SDET, Microsoft
Binbin Li Paschalidis 2011 May Optimizing Energy Consumption: From Wireless Sensor Networks to Large “Smart Buildings” Analytical Modeling Staff Scientist, Financial Services Solutions Division, SAS Institute
Reza Moazzez Estanjini Paschalidis 2011 May Vehicle Scheduling and Routing for Data Transport in Wireless Sensor Networks
Chen Yao Cassandras 2011 January Perturbation Analysis, Optimization and Resource Contention Games in Stochastic Hybrid Systems Senior Research Engineer, Global Automation Research, Nalco Company
Yin Chen Paschalidis 2011 January From Networks to Proteins: Modeling and Optimization with Markovian Models R&D Scientist, Proctor and Gamble, Frankfurt Germany
Thomas Vitolo Castanon 2011 January Practical Algorithms to Discover Degree Constrained Spanning Trees in Sparsely Connected Groups Polimath Consulting
Ruomin Wu Paschalidis 2011 January Maximum Lifetime Routing and Resource Allocation in Wireless Sensor Networks Bloomberg
Gang Zhao Vakili 2011 January Structured Database Monte Carlo (SDMC): An Approach to Efficient Parametric Estimation Quantitative Researcher, MSCI
Minyi Zhong Cassandras 2011 January Distributed Control and Optimization in Energy Limited Cooperative Systems Software Engineer, Microsoft Corporation
Darin Hitchings Castanon 2010 May Stochastic Control Approaches for Sensor Management in Search and Exploitation
Senior Staff Autonomous Vehicle Systems Engineer,
Autonomous and ADAS Unit,
Renesas Electronics America
Xiangdong Song Paschalidis 2010 January Scheduled Multiple Access Control For Wireless Sensor Networks Lecturer, Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing, China
Chang-Chen Wu Caramanis 2009 May Production Planning and Quality of Service Allocation Across the Supply Chain in a Dynamic Lead Time Model Software Engineer, BU Facilities Management and Planning
Dong Guo Paschalidis 2009 May A New Statistical Localization Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks Entrepreneur, China
Tarik Borogovac Vakili 2009 May Constructive and Generic Control Variates For Monte Carlo Estimation Post -Doctoral Fellow, BU, ECE
Xu Ning Cassandras 2009 May Control and Optimization Approaches for Power Management in Wireless Sensor Networks Senior Software Engineer, Akamai Technologies, Inc.
Jianfeng Mao Cassandras 2009 January Dynamic Energy Management in Resource Limited Systems with Real-Time Constraints Assistant Professor, Nanyang University, Singapore
Marius Kloetzer Belta 2008 May Symbolic Motion Planning and Control Assistant Professor, Technical University Iasi, Romania
Seong-Cheol Kang Paschalidis 2008 January Robust Linear Optimization Using Distributional Information Researcher, Korea National Transportation Institute
Shixin Zhuang Cassandras 2008 January Optimization Approaches for Reducing Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Nodes and Networks The MathWorks, Inc., Senior Software Engineer
Yang Shen Paschalidis 2008 January Global Optimization of Funnel-Like Functions For Protein Interaction Prediction Post-Doctoral Associate, MIT
Jun Wang Caramanis 2007 January Enhanced Stochastic Fluid Approximation Approaches for Accurate Performance Measurement and Efficient I.P.A. Estimation Bank of America, Analysit, IT Department
Kirk Wesselowski Cassandras 2007 January Receding Horizon Methods in Cooperative Control for Stochastic Transportation Applications on Graphs Analyst in field of oil exploration
Meimei Wang Perkins 2007 January Interval Alignment Policies and Their Applications Data Service Analyst, Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC)
Min Chen Hu 2007 January Perturbation Analysis of Multiclass Fluid Models with First Come First Serve (FCFS) and Dynamic Priority Service Disciplines Associate Professor, Dalian Institute of Technology, China
Wei Lai Paschalidis 2007 January Optimizing Wireless Sensor Networks Equity Analyst, Columbia Management
Jian Shao Paschalidis 2006 January Optimal Resource Allocation in Multi-Class Service Systems Using Pricing Analyst, financial software firm
Wei Li Cassandras 2006 January Cooperative Control and Application to Multi-Vehicle Systems and Sensor Networks The MathWorks, Inc., Senior Discrete-Event Simulation Engineer
Xiaoyi Wu Cassandras 2006 January System and Control Engineering Approaches to Some Network Vulnerability Problems Cambridge Energy Solutions, Quantitative Analyst
Ye Tao Hu 2006 January Design and Performance Analysis of WDM Optical Networks EMC Corp.
Darryl Ahner Castanon 2005 May Stochastic Scheduling of Open and Closed Queuing Network Production Systems LTC US Army, Director Math Center of Excellence & ARL/USMA R&D Coordinator at USMA, West Point, US Army
Assistant Professor at United States Military Academy
Chenming Zhao Vakili 2005 January Design and Management of Optical WDM Networks Expedia
Haining Yu Cassandras 2005 January Perturbation Analysis of Feedback-Controlled Stochastic Flow Systems Disney Corp., Senior Systems Engineer
Leonardo Santiago Vakili 2004 May Value of Flexibility and Dynamic Management of Research and Development Projects Tenured Professor, Department of Production Engineering, Federal University of Minas Gerias, Brazil
Chang Su Paschalidis 2004 May Target-Pursuing Policies for Scheduling and Routing in Multiclass Queuing Networks Financial Analyst, China
Osman Anli Caramanis 2004 January Supply Chain Production Planning: Modeling Dynamic Lead Times and Efficient Inter-Cell Invetory Policies Professor of Production Systems, Isic University Istanbul Turkey
Haidong Pan Caramanis 2004 January Optimzation of Manufacturing Supply Chains Incorporating Dynamic Lead Time and Lot Size Modeling CEO Hoodong Company, Beijing China
President of the Boston University Alumni association in China which has pledged a $1million contribution to BU
Gang Sun Cassandras 2004 January Perturbation Analysis and On-Line Control for Discrete Event Systems Via Stochastic Fluid Models Assistant Professor, Tongji University, China
Yong Liu Paschalidis 2002 May Pricing and Resource Allocation in Communication Networks and Supply Chains Hedge fund analyst
Chang Shu Perkins 2001 May Optimal Production Controls for Cost Minimization Problems on Continuous-Flow Flexible Manufacturing Systems Sycamore