SE Student Mail


An email notification will be sent to the student or faculty member when a package is received at 15 Saint Mary’s Street.  Please ensure that your name will appear on the shipping label– this is the only way we can determine who the package is for.  Instructions for picking up the package will be sent in the email notification.


The Materials Science Engineering and Systems Engineering Divisions have collective mail for graduate students.  The mailboxes in Room 118, 15 Saint Mary’s Street, are labeled so that all incoming mail is sorted into A-B, C-F, G-J, K-L, M-Q, R-S, T-W, and X-Z boxes by recipient last name.  An email will be sent to students when mail comes for them, and the mail will be sorted into the correct mailbox.  Multiple items for the same student will be grouped together.

To pick up your mail, simply check in the correct alphabetical box corresponding to your last name.  Please note that we cannot hold mail indefinitely; if you fail to pick up your mail for two months, it may be recycled.

Alternatively, if you are expecting a large amount of mail or simply wish to have your own mailbox in Room 118, you may request a personal mailbox.  Mailboxes are only available for MSE or SE graduate students, and priority will be given to PhD students.  Also, 15 Saint Mary’s Street should not be used as your primary mailbox.  It is intended to provide a BU based address for primarily academic purposes.  Note that faculty members who already have personal mailboxes in 15 Saint Mary’s Street will still have personal mailboxes.

Mailbox Request, 15 Saint Mary's Street

MSE or SE graduate students who would like a personal mailbox (instead of the communal alphabetically organized mailboxes) can utilize this form to apply for a personal mailbox. Personal mailboxes are first come first served. Package handling will be unchanged: packages will be noted in the divisions packages log and held in Room 119. Emails will still be sent to students regarding packages.
  • You will receive an email if your mailbox is full. If you do not clear out your mailbox within 2 weeks of receiving the email, your mail will be recycled.
  • Preference will be given to PhD students. At this time, we can only offer mailboxes to MSE and SE graduate or LEAP students.
  • The semester after your graduation, all mail that has not been picked up will be recycled and further mail received will be recycled unless a forwarding address is provided.