Nanomaterials research is concentrated in areas such as coatings, composite materials, photo-acoustic microscopy, nanoscale materials, and multi-scale modeling. Research, often conducted with industry partners, spans a range of application areas, including mechanics and fluid dynamics at the nano-scale, and developing enhanced materials processing capabilities for opto-electronic applications, advanced engines and power systems.

MSE faculty interested in nanomaterials research:

Enrico Bellotti
Thomas G. Bifano
David Bishop
Scott Bunch
Claudio Chamon
Luca Dal Negro
Allison Dennis
Linda Doerrer
Kamil Ekinci
Pritiraj Mohanty
Theodore Morse
Theodore Moustakas
Roberto Paiella
Tyrone Porter
Bjorn Rienhard
H. Eugene Stanley
Anna Swan
Selim Ünlü
Xin Zhang