Materials for Energy and Environment

Materials for energy and environment can help produce cleaner and more efficient sources of energy to address our present energy related concerns and steer society to a more sustainable future. Active research areas include clean energy conversion, hydrogen generation and storage, fuel cells, green manufacturing and biofuels/metabolics.

MSE faculty interested in materials for energy and environment:

  • Soumendra N. Basu
  • James Collins
  • Michael Gevelber
  • Jillian Goldfarb
  • Srikanth Gopalan
  • Mark Grinstaff
  • Guilford Jones
  • Pritiraj Mohanty
  • Theodore Moustakas
  • Uday Pal
  • Emily Ryan
  • Vinod Sarin
  • Daniel Segrè
  • Kevin Smith
  • Anna Swan
  • Xin Zhang