MSE Career Opportunities

The field of materials sciences is transforming rapidly. Students entering this field can expect careers of constant innovation, combining classical knowledge with state-of-the-art research in emerging areas.

Individuals well-trained in the design of new materials are in high demand for the electronics, biotechnology, energy and plastics industries, and job opportunities in nanomaterials and biomaterials are particularly abundant. In addition, as manufacturing firms contract more of their engineering needs, employment for materials scientists in professional, scientific and technical research capacities will continue to expand.

Holders of advanced degrees in materials science and engineering can put their product development expertise and interdisciplinary skills to work in start-up companies, large corporations including IBM, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, General Electric, Pratt and Whitney, 3M, Lockheed-Martin, Xerox, Motorola, Monsanto, and Corning, and as post-doctoral fellows and faculty members in more than 100 MSE departments and programs in the United States.