ISSO Seminar: Planning Ahead for Internships, Employment and Travel

While in the USA, international students must adhere to certain rules and regulations in regards to work or travel.

ISSO will provide specific guidelines and procedures for international students. Topics to be discussed will include:

  • Internships
  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT, taken while still a student)
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT, taken after graduation)
  • STEM OPT extensions
  • Foreign travel
  • Conference travel
  • Vacation travel

Please join us for this one-hour seminar, to be followed by lunch.

Date:  Friday, September, 28, 2018
Time:  12pm- 1pm (workshop) & 1pm-2pm (lunch)
Location:  8 Saint Mary’s Street, 9th Floor, West End Lounge

Registration required by September 24.

This event is sponsored by:

  • Division of Materials Science & Engineering
  • Division of Systems Engineering
  • Center for Information and Systems Engineering
  • Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering