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First year MSE PhD student awarded Clare Boothe Luce Fellowship

By Mariana Sánchez Gaona First year MSE PhD candidate Jillian Rix was named Clare Boothe Luce Fellowship 2020 recipient. The Clare Boothe Luce fellowship benefits recipients at the early stages of their graduate studies. According to the Clare Boothe Luce (CBL) program’s website, it is one of the single most significant sources... More

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Meet Jaco and Baxter, Machine Learning Robots Who Cook Perfect Hot Dogs

BU engineers built the culinary bots to test a framework that could improve self-driving cars and other artificial intelligence. Story by Liz Sheeley / Video by Devin Hahn & Aaron Hwang Originally featured on The Brink Craving a bite out of a freshly grilled ballpark frank? Two robots named Jaco and Baxter can serve... More

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