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Smaller, Faster, Cheaper: Catherine Klapperich empowers doctors and patients with point-of-care testing

By Kate Becker -  Courtesy BU Research “A private little revolution any woman can easily buy at her drugstore.” That’s how a 1978 ad described the new-to-market home pregnancy test. Today, that revolution is replayed in millions of American bathrooms every year—so many that it hardly feels revolutionary anymore. But Boston University engineering professor... More

Counterfeit Viagra Is a Problem

In 2012, a cluster of people in Lahore, Pakistan, started dying inexplicably. Most were mid- to low-income patients who had received free medicine at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology. Within a week, over 200 people died. An investigation found that the patients’ high blood pressure medication had been contaminated with similar-looking antimalarial ingredients. More

Luca Dal Negro Promoted to Full ECE Professorship

Professor Luca Dal Negro, PhD (ECE, MSE, Physics) was promoted to the rank of Professor in Boston University’s College of Engineering. More

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ENG Faculty Members among 2018 Ignition Award recipients

Technology Development is pleased to announce the winners for the 9th annual Ignition Awards. The Ignition Program includes two separate awards— approximately five $75,000 one-year grants and one $25,000 Robert E. Schiesske Award — to faculty of Boston University and Boston Medical Center to validate early-stage technologies and enable follow-on... More

When Slower Means Faster

As bacteria grow increasingly resistant to antibiotics, scientists are on the hunt for a fast way test how the bacteria infecting a patient will respond to a particular antibiotic. Professor Kamil Ekinci (ME, MSE), Assistant Professor Chuanhua Duan (ME, MSE) and postdoctoral fellow Vural Kara, along with collaborators from the BU School of Medicine, have developed a new rapid antibiotic susceptibility test that works by measuring the movements of bacteria More