MSE Colloquium Series – Fall 2016

The MSE Colloquium Series features distinguished speakers addressing topics in the relevant areas of the program: Biomaterials, Electronic and Photonic Materials, Materials for Energy and Environment, and Nanomaterials.

The MSE Colloquium Series is held on Fridays at 3:00 PM, in Room 105, 15 St. Mary’s Street, unless otherwise noted below.

October 28
Antoine Allanore, MIT
Electrochemistry in the Molten State: From Sustainable
Metal Extraction to Materials Fundamentals

Faculty Host: Uday Pal
Student Host: Thomas Villalon
November 4
Diran Apelian, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Sustainable Development in the 21 Century: Opportunities
for materials science and engineering

Faculty Host: Soumendra Basu
Student Host: Paul Gasper
November 18
Marc Garbey, University of Houston
Vascular Adaptation: Challenges and Opportunities
Faculty Host: Katherine Zhang
Student Host: Xunjie Yu
December 9 – CANCELLED
Jane Lipson, Dartmouth University
Approaching the Glass Transition From Different Directions
Faculty Host: Ophelia Tsui
Student Host: Xuanji Yu