ME Spring 2011 Syllabi

Course Title
Spring 2011 SYLLABUS
EK 102 Introduction to Linear Algebra for Engineers
EK 127 Introduction to Engineering Computation
EK 130/1/2 Introduction to Engineering
EK 156 Design & Manufacture
EK 301 Engineering Mechanics I
EK 335
Introduction to Environmental Engineering
EK 409 Engineering Economy
ME 302 Engineering Mechanics II
ME 303 Fluid Mechanics
ME 304 Energy and Thermodynamics
ME 305 Mechanics of Materials
ME 306 Introduction to Material Science
ME 307 Flight Structures
ME 308 Statistics and Quality Engineering
ME 309 Structural Mechanics
ME 310 Instrumentation and Theory of Experiments
ME 366 Probability and Statistics for Mechanical Engineers
ME 407 Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture
ME 410 Flight Vehicle Design II
ME 414 Machine Design II
ME 419 Heat Transfer
ME 420 Supply Chain Engineering
ME 421 Aerodynamics
ME 465 Materials Processing
ME 495 Senior Design Capstone in Manufacturing Engineering
ME 500 Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering
ME/MS 503 Kinetic Process in Materials
ME/MS 507 Process Modeling and Control
ME/MS 508 Computational Methods in Materials Science
ME 510 Production Systems Analysis
ME 515 Vibration of Complex Mechanical Systems
ME 517 Product Development
ME 533 Energy Conversion
ME 543 Sustainable Power Systems: Planning, Operation and Markets
ME/EC 579 Microelectronic Device Manufacturing
ME/MS 580 Theory of Elasticity
ME 702 Computational Fluid Dynamics
ME 706 Acoustics and Aerodynamics
ME 709 Turbulent Flows
ME/SE/EC 710 Dynamic Programming and Stochastic Control
ME/SE 714 Advance Stochastic Modeling and Stimulation
ME 720 Acoustics II
ME/SE 740 Vision, Robotics and Planning
ME/SE 762 Non-Linear Control of Mechanical Systems