Dynamics, Robotics, Systems and Controls

The Dynamics, Robotics, Systems, and Control group develops technologies for the design, analysis, and control of complex systems in a variety of application areas.

Research Topics

  • Dynamics, Systems, and Control: Basic research in this area is focused on mathematical control theory, stochastic control, optimal control, control of hybrid systems, symbolic control, cooperative control, model reductions and abstractions for control systems, and dynamic scheduling. The application areas include robotics, manufacturing and transportation systems, scanning probe microscopy, control of medical devices, bio-molecular networks, and planning of production systems.
  • Robotics: Active research in robotics range from fundamental work in geometric control, motion planning, and multi-agent robotics to application areas such as minimally invasive surgery, control of lightweight, high-performance manipulator arms, and robotic swarms.
  • Automation: State-of-the-art automation solutions are developed for a wide range of industries, ranging from sub-micron, high precision machinery for optoelectronics and semiconductor manufacture, to high-speed assembly of consumer goods.