ME Spring 2009 Syllabi

Course Title
Spring 2009 SYLLABUS
EK 102 Introduction to Linear Algebra for Engineers, Hazony
EK 102 Introduction to Linear Algebra for Engineers, Barouch pdf
EK 127 Introduction to Engineering Computation pdf
EK 130/1/2 Introduction to Engineering
EK 156 Design & Manufacture pdf
EK 301 Engineering Mechanics I
EK 409 Engineering Economy
ME 201 Introduction to Aircraft Performance pdf
ME 202 Introduction to Spacecraft Performance
ME 266 Manufacturing Operations Management
ME 302 Engineering Mechanics II
ME 303 Fluid Mechanics pdf
ME 304 Energy and Thermodynamics
ME 305 Mechanics of Materials
ME/MS 306 Introduction to Materials Science pdf
ME 307 Flight Structures pdf
ME 308
Statistics and Quality Engineering
ME 309 Structural Mechanics
ME 310 Instrumentation and Theory of Experiments
ME 311 Engineering Design Using CAD
ME 312
Fundamentals of Engineering Design
pdf pdf
ME 345 Automated Manufacturing
ME 400 Engineering Mathematics
ME 403 Atmospherics Flight Mechanics and Control
ME 404 Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems
ME 405 Aerospace Propulsion
ME 406 Dynamics of Space Vehicles
ME 407 Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture pdf
ME 409 Flight Vehicle Design I pdf
ME 410 Flight Vehicle Design II
ME 411 Operations Research
ME 413 Machine Design I
ME 414 Machine Design II pdf
ME 415 Product Design
ME 419 Heat Transfer
ME 420 Supply Chain Engineering pdf
ME 421 Aerodynamics
ME 422 Fluid Mechanics II
ME 423 Compressible Aerodynamics
ME 425 Compressible Flow and Propulsion
ME 430 Energy Conversion pdf pdf
ME 441 Mechanical Vibration pdf
ME 451 Directed Study in Aerospace Engineering
ME 452 Directed Study in Mechanical Engineering
ME 453 Directed Study in Manufacturing Engineering
ME 456 Engineering Projects in Aerospace Engineering
ME 457 Engineering Projects in Mechanical Engineering
ME/MS 465 Materials Processing
ME 467 Senior Honors Thesis in Manufacturing Engineering
ME 472 Computer-Controlled Manufacturing pdf
ME 495 Senior Design Capstone in Manufacturing Engineering pdf pdf
ME 500 Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering
ME/SE/EC 501 Dynamic System Theory
ME 502 Intellectual Assets: Creation, Protection, and Commercialization pdf
ME 503 Kinetic Processes in Materials
ME 504 Polymers & Soft Materials
ME 505 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
ME/MS 507 Process Modeling and Control pdf
ME/MS 508 Computational Methods in Materials Science pdf
ME 510 Production Systems Analysis pdf pdf
ME 511 Manufacturing Information Systems
ME 512 Engineering Analysis
ME 513 Compressible Aerodynamics
ME/EC 514 Simulation for Manufacturing pdf
ME 515 Vibration of Complex Mechanical Systems
ME 516 Statistic in Mechanics
ME 517 Product Development pdf pdf
ME 518 Product Quality pdf
ME 519 Theory of Heat Transfer
ME 520 Acoustics I
ME/BE 521 Continuum Mechanics for Biomedical Engineers
ME 522 Underwater Acoustics
ME/MS/BE 523 Mechanics of Biomaterials pdf pdf
ME/MS/BE 524 Skeletal Tissue Mechanics
ME 525 Technology Ventures
ME/MS 526 Simulation of Physical Processes
ME/MS 527 Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing pdf1,pdf2
ME 529 Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials and Processes
ME/MS 530 Introduction to Micro- and Nano-mechanics of Solids
ME 531 Phase Transformations pdf
ME/MS 532 Atomic Structure and Dislocations in Materials pdf
ME/MS 534 Materials Technology for Microelectronics
ME/MS 535 Green Manufacturing pdf
ME 536 Materials and Processes in Manufacturing
ME 540 Advanced Aerodynamics
ME 541 Classical Thermodynamics
ME 542 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
ME/EC 544 Networking the Physical World
ME/MS 545 Electrochemistry of Fuel Cells and Batteries pdf
ME 550 Product Supply Chain Design pdf
ME/MS 555 MEMS: Fabrication and Materials pdf
ME 560 Precision Machine Design and Instrumentation pdf
ME 566 Advanced Engineering Mathematics
ME/EC 567 Electromagnetic Wave Computation
ME 568 Modeling of Pattern Transfer in Microlithography
ME 570 Robot Motion Planning pdf
ME/EC 579 Microelectronic Device Manufacturing pdf pdf
ME/MS 580 Theory of Elasticity pdf
ME 581 Experimental Techniques in Solid Mechanics
ME/MS 582 Mechanical Behavior of Materials pdf
ME 583 Product Management pdf1, pdf2
ME 584 Manufacturing Strategy pdf
ME 585 Interactive Computation for CAS/CAM pdf
ME 586 Product Development Engineering