ME Fall 2010 Syllabi

Course Title
Fall 2010 SYLLABUS
EK 102 Introduction to Linear Algebra for Engineers pdf
EK 127 Introduction to Engineering Computation pdf
EK 130 Introduction to Materials Processing/Product Development
EK 131/2 Introduction to Engineering
EK 156 Design & Manufacture pdf
EK 301 Engineering Mechanics I pdf
EK 408
Introduction to Clean Energy Generation and Storage Technologies
EK 409 Engineering Economy pdf
EK 500 Probability with Statistical Applications pdf
EK 546 Assessment of Sustainable Energy Technologies pdf
ME 302 Engineering Mechanics II pdf
ME 303 Fluid Mechanics A1 pdf

B1 pdf

ME 304 Energy and Thermodynamics A1 pdf

A2 pdf

ME 305 Mechanics of Materials A1 pdf

B1 pdf

ME 306 Introduction to Materials Science pdf
ME 310 Instrumentation and Theory of Experiments pdf
ME 321 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering pdf
ME 345 Automated Manufacturing
ME 366 Probability and Statistics for Mechanical Engineers pdf
ME 403 Atmospheric Flight Mechanics and Control pdf
ME 404 Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems pdf
ME 406 Dynamics of Space Vehicles pdf
ME 407 Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture pdf
ME 409 Flight Vehicle Design pdf
ME 413 Machine Design pdf
ME 415 Product Design pdf
ME 419 Heat Transfer pdf
ME 425 Compressible Flow and Propulsion pdf
ME 441 Mechanical Vibration pdf
ME 500 Special Topics: Engineering Math pdf
ME 501 Dynamic System Theory pdf
ME 502 Intellectual Assets: Creation, Protection, and Commercialization    video preview pdf
ME 504 Polymers and Soft Materials pdf
ME 514 Simulation pdf
ME 520 Acoustics I   video preview pdf
ME 521 Continuum Mechanics pdf
ME 527 Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing pdf
ME 542 Advanced Fluid Mechanics pdf
ME 543 Sustainable Power Systems: Planning, Operation and Markets pdf
ME 545 Electrochemistry of Fuel Cells and Batteries pdf
ME 555 MEMS: Fabrication and Materials pdf
ME 560 Precision Machine Design and Instrumentation pdf
ME 583 Product Management pdf
ME 704 Adaptive Control of Dynamical Systems pdf
ME 734 Hybrid Systems pdf
ME 766 Advanced Scheduling Models and Methods pdf
ME 788 Soft Tissue Biomechanics pdf