MechE Distance Learning Courses

Course Title Instructor
ME502 Intellectual Assets and Intellectual Property Invention: Technology Creation, Protection, and Commercialization Cole
ME/MS507 Process Modeling and Control Process Modeling and Control Gevelber
ME 510 Production Systems Analysis Production Systems Analysis Perkins
ME515 Vibration of Complex Mechanical Systems McDaniel
ME517 Product Development Fine
ME518 Product Quality Vakili
ME520 Acoustics I Acoustics I Holt
ME525 Technology Ventures(Formerly MN522 Technology Ventures) Cole
ME/MS526 Simulation of Physical Processes(Formerly MN526 Simulation of Physical Processes) Cole
ME/MS534 Materials Technology for Microelectronics Basu
ME/MS535 Green Manufacturing Pal
ME542 Advanced Fluids Porter
ME543 Sustainable Power Systems Caramanis
EK546 Assessment of Sustainable Energy Technologies Gevelber
ME550 Product Supply Chain Design
ME/MS555 MEMS: Fabrication and Materials Zhang
ME560 Precision Machine Design and Instrumentation Sharon
MS/EC573 Solar Energy Systems Mazumder
ME579 microelectronic device manufacturing Nano/Microelectronic Device Technology Cole
ME583 Product Management Hauser
ME584 Manufacturing Strategy(Formerly MN580 Manufacturing Strategy) Hauser
ME706 acoustics and areodynamic sound Acoustics and Aerodynamic Sound Howe
ME720 Acoustics II Howe
ME/SE765 Production System Design Caramanis
ME778 Micro-machined Transducers Zhang
ME925 Industry Practicum Perkins