ECE Objectives and Outcomes

(Ratified by the ECE Faculty February 2015)

Students completing the program in Electrical Engineering (EE) or Computer Engineering (CE) will:

  •  Build a career path with informed choices about its ECE aspects.
  • Be competitive in the ECE job market.
  • Make an impact in the ECE professional community.

In addition, graduates are expected to pursue one or more of the following:

  • Graduate education in engineering or allied fields.
  • Breadth of responsibilities in a small company environment.
  • Specialized expertise within a large company environment.
  • Sales/Marketing positions in technology companies.
  • Basic and applied research.
  • Applications in other professions, such as medicine and law.

(^Ratified by the ECE Faculty November 2012)

ECE Undergraduate Outcomes and Enrollment 

(^Ratified by the ECE Faculty February 2015)