2016 Undergraduate Courses and Syllabi

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Course Number Title Syllabus
EK128 Engineering Computation++ PDF
EK131/132 Introduction to Engineering:

Photonics – Engineering with light
From heart monitoring to Kinect gaming: Seeing the invisible

EK307 Electric Circuits PDF
EK500 Probability & Statistical Methods PDF

Mathematical Methods I

EC311 Introduction to Logic Design PDF
EC327 Introduction to Software Engineering PDF
EC330 Applied Algorithms for Engineers PDF
EC381 Probability Theory in Electrical and Computer Engineering PDF
EC401 Signals and Systems PDF
EC402 Control Systems PDF
EC410 Introduction to Electronics PDF
EC412 Analog Electronics PDF
EC413 Computer Organization PDF
EC415 Communication Systems PDF
EC416 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing PDF
EC417 Electric Energy Systems: Adapting to Renewable Resources PDF
EC421 Digital Circuits
EC440 Introduction to Operating Systems PDF
EC441 Introduction to Computer Networking PDF
EC447 Software Design Website
EC450 Microprocessors PDF
EC451 Directed Study
EC455 Electromagnetic Systems I PDF
EC456 Electromagnetic Systems II PDF
EC463 Senior Design Project I PDF
EC464 Senior Design Project II PDF
EC467 Senior Honors Thesis
EC470 Sensors in Space PDF
EC471 Physics of Semiconductor Devices PDF
EC481 Fundamentals of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology PDF
EC500 Design of Secure and Reliable Computer Systems
Fourier Optics for Engineers
EC501/ME501 Dynamic Systems Theory PDF
EC504 Advanced Data Structures PDF
EC505 Stochastic Processes PDF
EC511 Software Systems Design
EC512 Enterprise Client-Server Software Systems Design PDF
EC513 Computer Architecture PDF
EC514/ME514 Simulation PDF
EC515 Digital Communication PDF
EC516 Digital Signal Processing PDF
EC517 Introduction to Information Theory PDF
EC519 Speech Processing by Humans and Machines PDF
EC520 Digital Image Processing and Communication PDF
EC521 Cybersecurity PDF
EC524/SE524 Optimization Theory and Methods PDF
EC527 High Performance Programming with Multicore and GPUs PDF
EC533 Advanced Discrete Mathematics
EC534 Discrete Stochastic Models PDF
EC535 Introduction to Embedded Systems PDF
EC541 Computer Communications and Networks PDF
EC543 Sustainable Power Systems: Planning, Operation and Markets
EC544 (ME544/SE544) Networking the Physical World PDF
EC551 Advanced Digital Design with Verilog and FPGA PDF
EC560 Introduction to Photonics PDF
EC561 Error Control Codes PDF
EC562 Optical Engineering
EC563 Fiber Optic Communication Systems
EC565 Electromagnetic Energy Transmission
EC566 The Atmosphere and Space Environment PDF
EC568 Optical Fibers and Waveguides PDF
EC569 Introduction to Subsurface Imaging
EC570 Lasers and Applications PDF
EC571 Digital VLSI Circuit Design PDF
EC572 VLSI Design Project
EC573 Solar Energy Systems PDF
EC574 Physics and Semiconductor Materials PDF
EC575 Semiconductor Devices PDF
EC577 (MS 577) Electrical, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Materials PDF
EC578 Fabrication Technology for Integrated Circuits PDF
EC579/ME579 Nano/Microelectronic Device Technology PDF
EC580 Analog VLSI Circuit Design PDF
EC582 RF/Analog IC Design Fundamentals PDF
EC583 Power Electronics for Energy Systems PDF
EC591 Photonics Lab I PDF
EC599 Advanced Laboratory Topics in ECE