MS Projects: Proposals and Presentations


Submit your detailed proposal to the ECE office


Spring semester projects: December 1
Summer/Fall semester projects: May 16

You will be registered for the ECE MS Project Course if the ECE Graduate Commitee approves your proposal. Approval will based on 1) the quality of your proposal and 2) the committee’s judgment of the adequacy of your academic preparation for successfully carrying out the proposed research project.

MS Project Proposal Submission Guidelines

    1. Proposals must be signed by the supervising ECE faculty member indicating he/she has read the proposal, approves of it, and is willing to supervise the project and to assist the student in meeting departmental standards for the expected quality of such projects
    2. Proposals must be 3–5 pages in length, double-spaced, typed in 11-point font
    3. Proposals should include:

Abstract (100–150 words)
Clear and precise problem statement (~ 1 page)
Discussion of prior work by others as reported in the relevant literature (~1 page)
Approach(es) to be used in carrying out the project (~ 1 page)
Plan and schedule (~1 page)

Here is a recent approved proposal to use as an example:

In addition, the ECE Graduate Committee expects proposals to exhibit English-language proficiency. If you are concerned with your abilities in this area, the committee recommends that you consider setting up an appointment for writing assistance at BU’s Educational Resource Center. The ERC offers 45-minute “Traditional Appointments” and 30-minute “ESL Writing Skills Appointments” that could help you significantly improve the English grammar/style of your proposal.


MS students who are finishing their projects in a particular semester are required to present their work to ECE faculty and students at the end of that semester. Project presentations will typically take place on the last Friday before final exams.