ECE Oscilloscope Test/Checklist

1. Connect oscilloscope to power input. (also, have a waveform generator ready to use)

2. Turn ON the oscilloscope. Two straight static lines should appear at the grounds of input 1 & 2.

3. Turn ON the waverform generator with the following settings applied:

  • Frequency: 1 kHz
  • Amplitude: 1.0 V (peak-to-peak)

4. Connect the output from the waverform generator to the #1 input on the oscilloscope (on some models you need to press the output button on the waveform generator). Adjust the position of the ground using the ‘position’ knob to calibrate it to zero. Also, calibrate the time scale axis using the ‘delay’ knob, again to zero. This will test if those knobs are functioning properly. Press the ‘auto-scale’ button and check that the oscilloscope adjusts itself according to a suitable scale.

5. The frequency reading on the oscilloscope should correspond to that chosen on the waveform generator (= 1kHz). The value of the voltage reading on the oscilloscope should also correspond to that on the waveform generator (=1.00V)

6. The general shape should represent an oscillating sine function with period = 1000 microseconds

7. As a sanity check verify the test results by adjusting the mode on the waveform generator to ‘square’. You should get a signal with square oscillation with the same peak voltage (=1.0 V) and same period.

8. Repeat the same procedure using input #2 on the oscilloscope.