ECE Research Spotlight Archives

In the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at Boston University, faculty, students, and industry experts come together to solve today’s most complex challenges. Working side by side, they collaborate with colleagues at universities and organizations around the world to invent the new technologies of tomorrow.

Professors and students describe some of their ongoing research projects in the links below:

Current Projects

Project Title Boston University Researchers
A Tool-Chain to Accelerate Synthetic Biological Engineering (TASBE) Swapnil Bhatia (Post Doc), Traci Haddock (Post Doc), and Professor Douglas Densmore
Aperiodic Photonic-Plasmonic Structures with Broadband Field Enhancement for Optical Limiting Applications Gary Walsh (PhD ’13) and Professor Luca Dal Negro
Combined Light and Carrier Localization in High-Refractive Index Silicon Nanocrystal Structures: A Novel Approach for Si-Based Lasers (NSF-CAREER) Nate Lawrence (PhD ’13) and Professor Luca Dal Negro
Deterministic Aperiodic Structures for On-Chip Nanophotonics and Nanoplasmonics Device Applications Jacob Trevino (PhD ’15) and Professor Luca Dal Negro
Discovering Regulatory Sequences for Eukaryotic Transcription Using Interferometric Optical Biosensors Sunmin Ahn (PhD ’13), Xirui Zhang (PhD ’14), Professor Charles DeLisi (BME), and Professor Selim Ünlü (ECE)
Energy and Performance-Aware Run-Time Management of Manycore Systems Chao Chen (PhD ’14), Jie Meng (PhD ’14), and John-Nicholas Furst (CE ’13); Professors Ajay Joshi and Ayse Coskun
Exploratory Video Search Greg Castañón (PhD), Yuting Chen (PhD) and Professor Venkatesh Saligrama (ECE, SE)
Green Software: Optimization for Performance, Energy, and Temperature Can Hankendi (PhD ’15) and Ashfaquzzaman Khan (PhD ’13); Professors Ayse Coskun and Martin Herbordt
Multiplexed Optofluidic Biosensing on Deterministic Aperiodic Nano-Structures Seung Lee (BME ’13) and Professor Luca Dal Negro
Plastic Neuromorphic Hardware for Autonomous Navigation in Mobile Robots Schuyler Eldridge (PhD ’16), Mahmoud Zangeneh (PhD ’15), Dr. Florian Raudies, Dr. Massimiliano Versace, and Professor Ajay Joshi
Research in Wireless Communications Using the Visible Spectrum (Smart Lighting ERC) Ashish Agarwal (PhD ’10), Tarik Borogovac (PhD ’09), Jimmy Chau (MS ’11), Aaron Ganick (EE ’10, MS ’12), Pattaya Hongsmatip (EE ’12), Jamesy Jean Michel (EE ’12), Gregary Prince (PhD ’15), Michael Rahaim (PhD ’14), Zeyu Wu (PhD ’11), and Professor Thomas Little
Self-Cleaning Solar Panels for Desert Installation Rob Sumner (MS ’12) and Jeremy Stark (PhD ’14); Professors Mark Horenstein and Malay Mazumder
Ultraslow Anomalous Photon Diffusion in Aperiodic Complex Media Professor Luca Dal Negro
Using Overhead Lights for Wireless Communications Promises to Substantially Increase the Capacity of Existing Wireless Networks Gary Walsh (PhD ’13) and Professor Luca Dal Negro
Video Condensation by Ribbon Carving Zhuangzhuang Li (CE ’14), Wei Liu (EE ’14), and Huan-Yu Wu (EE ’10); Professors Prakash Ishwar and Janusz Konrad
Spot Pricing of Secondary Access to Wireless Spectrum Huseyin Mutlu (PhD ’10); Professors Murat Alanyali and David Starobinski
Research in Ecological Monitoring Jimmy Chau (MS ’11), Aaron Ganick (EE ’10, MS ’12), Song Guo (PhD ’11), and Jamsey Jean Michel (EE ’12); Professors Prakash Ishwar, Janusz Konrad, Thomas Kunz (Biology), and Thomas Little
Sensing-Aware Classification of High-Dimensional Data Boston University – Burkay Birant Orten (PhD ’11); Professors Prakash Ishwar, W. Clem Karl, and Venkatesh Saligrama
Research in Wireless Vehicular Networking Technology Ashish Agarwal (PhD ’10), Jimmy Chau (MS ’11), Aaron Ganick (EE’ 10), Zeyu Wu (PhD ’11), and Professor Thomas Little
Multi-Energy X-Ray Computed Tomography Reconstruction and Classification Algorithms for Explosives Detection Boston University – Limor Eger (PhD ’10); Professors W. Clem Karl and Prakash Ishwar
Advanced MEMS High-Voltage Multiplexing System for Optical Imaging Rob Sumner (MS ’12) and Preston Miller (EE ’11); Professor Mark Horenstein
How Computer Interconnection Networks Work and When They Stop Working (Queues, Latency, and Saturation) Yelena Rykalova (Visiting Scholar, PhD ’08) and Professors Lev B. Levitin and Richard Brower
Detecting Human Motor Abnormalities Under Highly Unpredictable Real-Life Conditions Bryan Cole (PhD ’12), Shey-Sheen Chang (PhD ’09), Santosh Ganesan (MS ’10), Seif Omar Al Farouk Abu Bakr, Sr. (MS ’11), Pinar Ozdemir (MS ’11); Professors S. Hamid Nawab (ECE), Carlo De Luca (BME), and Serge Roy (NMRC)
Video Anomaly Detection: From Surveillance to YouTube Huseyin Ozkan (PhD ’12); Professors Venkatesh Saligrama, Janusz Konrad, and Pierre-Marc Jodoin (University of Sherbrooke, Canada)
Action Recognition on Covariance Manifolds Kai Guo (PhD ’11); Professors Prakash Ishwar and Janusz Konrad
Joint Cardiac and Respiratory Motion Correction and Super-Resolution in Coronary PET/CT Boston University – Sonal Ambwani (PhD ’11) and Professor W. Clem Karl
Reliable Software Dissemination in Dense Wireless Networks Boston University – Weiyao Xiao (PhD ’10); Professors David Starobinski and Ari Trachtenberg
Distributed Compressive Sensing Delaram Motamedvaziri (PhD ’12); Professors Venkatesh Saligrama and David Castañón
Fast SVM Using Random Fourier Features Boston University – Huseyin Ozkan (PhD ’12); Professors Venkatesh Saligrama and Janusz Konrad
Anomaly Detection with Score Functions Based On Nearest Neighbor Graphs Manqi Zhao (PhD ’11), Professor Venkatesh Saligrama
Decomposition of Highly Unpredictable Real-Life EMG Signals Shey-Sheen Chang (PhD ’09), Bryan Cole (PhD ’12), Jason Lin (MS ’08), Brian Toba (MS ’07), and Robert Wotiz (PhD ’06); Professors S. Hamid Nawab (ECE) and Carlo De Luca (BME)
Design of Reliable and Secure Hardware Resistant to Attacks Prasanna Rao (MS ’10), Zhen Wang (PhD ’11), and Professor Mark Karpovsky
Chemically Enhanced Photonic-Plasmonic Crystals for Explosive Vapor Detection (Photonic Sniffer) – US Army Alyssa Pasquale (PhD ’12) and Professor Luca Dal Negro
Nano-Imprint of Photonic-Plasmonic Nanostructures on Novel Polymers Boston University – Dianmian Lin (MS ’11) and Professor Luca Dal Negro
GestureMouse Kam Lai (ECE ’12), Kai Guo (PhD ’11), Professor Janusz Konrad (ECE), and Professor Prakash Ishwar (ECE)
Coastal Video Surveillance Daniel Cullen (MS ’12), Professors Janusz Konrad (ECE), and Thomas Little (ECE)