ECE Graduate Teaching/RCR/Residency/Math Requirements

Teaching Requirement

PhD students are required to obtain two semesters of teaching assistantship experience before graduation (applicable to all PhD students matriculating in fall 2011 and thereafter).

RCR Requirement

PhD students must complete the Advanced Responsible Conduct of Research program prior to defending their prospectus. Refer to the RCR site for further information, or contact Alissa Beideck at

Residency Requirement

PhD students must satisfy the minimum residency requirement of two consecutive regular semesters of full-time graduate study at Boston University. Full-time study in this context is a full-time commitment to the completion of degree requirements as determined by the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs. In order to graduate, students must be registered as full or part-time students in the semester in which they complete degree requirements.

Math Requirement

The math requirement of the College of Engineering is automatically satisfied by the Technical Preparation Criterion of the ECE PhD qualifying process.