Outstanding ECE Dissertation Award

In 2016, ECE improved the Outstanding Dissertation Award tradition to recognize the top PhD dissertations in CE and EE research.

  • 2017 Outstanding EE Dissertation Award Patrick Gregg: “Optical Angular Momentum in Air Core Fibers.” Advised by Prof. Ramachandran.
  • 2017 Outstanding CE Dissertation Award Hao Chen: “Improving Data Center Efficiency Through Smart Grid Integration and Intelligent Analytics.”Advised by Prof. Coskun.
  • 2016 Outstanding EE Dissertation Award Weicong Ding: “Learning Mixed Membership Models with a Separable Latent Structure: Theory, Provably, Efficient Algorithms and Applications.” Co-advised by Prof. Prakash Ishwar and Prof. Venkatesh Saligrama.
  • 2016 Outstanding CE Dissertation Award Michael Rahaim: “Heterogeneous Integration of Optical Wireless Communications within Next Generation Networks.” Advised by Prof. Thomas Little.
  • 2015 Outstanding ECE Dissertation Mahmoud Zangeneh: “Designing Energy-efficient Sub-threshold Logic Circuits Using Equalization and Non-volatile Memory Circuits Using Memristors.”
  • 2014 Outstanding ECE Dissertation Jie Meng: “Modeling and Optimization of High-Performance Many-core Systems for Energy-Efficient and Reliable Computing.”
  • 2013 Outstanding ECE Dissertation Ronen Adato: “Mid-Infrared Plasmonics for Ultra-Sensitive Spectroscopy of Biomolecular Interactions.”
  • 2012 Outstanding ECE Dissertation John Henson: “Plasmonic Enhancement Engineering of Semiconductor Light Emitters”
  • 2011 Outstanding ECE Dissertation Nan Ma: “Interactive Source Coding for Function Computation in Networks.”
  • 2010 Outstanding ECE Dissertation Ashwin Gopinath: “Electromagnetic Field Enhancement and Light Localization in Aperiodic Nanostructures.”
  • 2009 Outstanding ECE Dissertation Shuchin Aeron: “Efficient Sensing and Reconstruction of Sparse Phenomena: Bounds and Algorithms.”