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Excerpt from “Finding Their Way”

Edy Tan (EE ’08)

Edy Tan (EE ’08)
Edy Tan (EE ’08)

Edy caught on with a start-up while still an undergraduate and, despite a trying 2008, has enjoyed being part of its growth.

“My first two years at ENG, I was heavily involved in engineering research. I liked the problem-solving, but I missed the human interaction. After sophomore year, I looked for internships outside of BU. With some help from Professors Attaway and de Winter, I connected with BU alumni Paul Karger (ENG ’99) and Wes Karger (CAS ’99). They were starting their own financial services firm, Twin Focus Capital Partners, LLC, and offered me an internship.

Although it wasn’t an engineering firm, it turned into a golden opportunity and I’ve been there ever since. After my internship ended, they offered me part-time work during the school year and full-time work during the summer. Midway through my senior year, they offered me a full-time position after graduation.

Working in the finance industry can be a 24/7 job, but I believe my engineering background gives me a competitive edge. As engineers, we’re trained to synthesize data and process information, and I’m able to do that quicker and with a different perspective than those with strictly financial backgrounds. Working for a start-up, I need to juggle many different responsibilities, and what I encountered day-to-day at ENG really prepared me for that.

The last year was rough in the financial industry; people have told me it’s the worst they’ve ever seen. But I wouldn’t choose to graduate in any other year. It’s been a great learning experience that will definitely prepare me for success in the future.”

-Jason L. London
BU College of Engineering Magazine, Fall 2009