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The Depth of Depth Measurement

With the ever-increasing development of self-driving cars, consumers should be cautious about what technology is providing the safest and best product. One feature necessary for determining the effectiveness of these devices is depth measurement. If a car is self-driving, it should always have an accurate (and fast) analysis of its... More

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Contributions from ECE

Throughout Cybersecurity Awareness Month, BU ECE Professors Ari Trachtenberg and David Starobinski, as well as Assistant Professor Manuel Egele, answered questions for BU Experts on cybersecurity issues related to the Internet of Things (IoT), national infrastructure, and continuing education in Boston University’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month Medium series. The Cybersecurity... More

Metamaterials Offer Communications Breakthroughs

Professor Xin Zhang (ME, ECE, BME, MSE) is an expert in the field of metamaterials and recently her lab has developed two new structures that can manipulate sound and electromagnetic waves. Although they are different, both offer two forms of wave control in their own spectrums, performance yet seen in other devices. More

Analyzing Global Media

In dealing with some of the world’s most significant issues right now, understanding how public communication flows around the world is vital in developing global policies and engaging in effective diplomacy. Unfortunately, the current methods of studying public communication worldwide are limited by language and culture gaps for both visual- More

ENG’s Xin Zhang Is BU’s 2018 Innovator of the Year, First Woman Chosen

Cited for translational research on use of metamaterials in MRI, acoustic technologies Xin Zhang, a College of Engineering professor, is the ninth faculty member to receive the BU Innovator of the Year award. Photo by Cydney Scott 10.24.2018 By Joel Brown Originally Featured on BU Today Xin Zhang is well-known for her pioneering work with... More

Treating Tumors with Light and Sound

In lumpectomy surgeries, operations where a (usually cancerous) lump is removed from the breast, many small, early-stage tumors can’t be felt by hand during an exam, which makes them difficult to locate during surgery. For tumors like these, a doctor typically inserts a thin guide wire, less than a millimeter wide, More