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Bigio Wins Joseph W. Goodman Book Writing Award

By: Colbi Edmonds Professor Irving Bigio (ECE, BME, Physics, Medicine) was awarded the Joseph W. Goodman Book Writing Award for his textbook entitled Quantitative Biomedical Optics: Theory, Methods, and Applications (Cambridge University Press, 2016), which he co-authored with Professor Sergio Fantini of Tufts University. The award, bestowed jointly by the Optical... More

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Professor Gianluca Stringhini Receives NSF CAREER Award

By: Allison Kleber Professor Gianluca Stringhini (ECE) received a National Science Foundation CAREER Award for a project entitled “Towards Data-Driven Methods to Counter Online Aggression”. NSF CAREER grants are awarded to early-career researchers based on rigorous criteria for intellectual merit and broader impact. Building on more than four years of work on... More

Egele Wins the 2020 Early Career Research Award

By: Colbi Edmonds ECE Professor Manuel Egele was awarded the 2020 Early Career Research Award by the College of Engineering. Egele leads the Boston University Secure Systems Lab and is a member of the International Secure Systems Lab. Dr. Egele's research focuses on general software security, and in particular on security... More

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Yazicigil on Track to Monitor the GI Tract

By: Colbi Edmonds Assistant Professor Rabia Yazicigil was a keynote speaker at the Nature Symposium in Spain, which was covered in the Spanish media through a press conference and national television. Yazicigil discussed her research in collaboration with MIT on biomimetic sensors, and focused on their biomedical applications. These biomimetic sensors... More

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Goyal Wins IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award

By: Colbi Edmonds Boston University ECE professor Vivek Goyal was awarded a 2019 IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award for his work on "Photon-Efficient Computational 3-D and Reflectivity Imaging With Single-Photon Detectors" paper. The paper, which was co-authored with Goyal’s students Dongeek Shin and Ahmed Kirmani along with Jeffrey Shapiro... More

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