ECE Speaker Series, 2013

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ECE Distinguished Lectures


January 30

Professor Henning Schulzrinne, Chief Technology Officer, United States Federal Communications Commission, Columbia University

“Can the Internet Survive the Next 40 Years?”

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March 20

Professor Kim L. Boyer, Head, Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering Department, Rensselaer Polytechnic University

“Staring Into Your (Dry) Eyes: Monitoring the Pre-Lens Tear Film From Narrowband Interferometry”

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April 10

Professor Keren Bergman, Chair, Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University

“Scalable Computing Systems With Optically Enabled Data Movement”

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September 25

Professor Yehia Massoud, Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“Computing and Embedded Systems in the Age of Nanotechnology and the Data Deluge”

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October 23

Professor George J. Pappas, Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

“Differential Privacy in Estimation and Control”

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November 20

Professor Larry Coldren, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Materials Departments, University of California, Santa Barbara

“Photonic Integrated Circuits as Key Enablers for Coherent Sensor and Communication Systems”

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ECE Colloquia

  • 2/6 Jan M. Rabaey, University of California at Berkeley
    “Ultra-Low Power Platforms for Human Advancement”
  • 2/27 Michael Mahoney, Stanford University
    “Implementing Randomized Matrix Algorithms in Parallel and Distributed Environments”
  • 4/29 Sahand Neghaban, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    “Design Margins, Scaling and the Future of Moore’s Law”
  • 10/02 Yuan Xie, Pennsylvania State University
    “Modeling, Architecture, and Applications for Emerging Memory Technologies”
  • 10/15 Todd Austin, University of Michigan
    “On the Rules of Low Power Design (and Why You Should Break Them)”
  • 10/16 Ton Kalker, DTS
    “Security of Biometric Systems”
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ECE Seminars

  • 1/24 Marten van Dijk, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
    “Secure Computation on Encrypted Data”
  • 1/28 Xi Chen, Carnegie Mellon University
    “Learning from Big Data: Scalability & Structures”
  • 2/4 Yisong Yue, Carnegie Mellon University
    “Learning with Humans in the Loop”
  • 2/6 Rezy Pradipta, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    “Remote Sensing of Space Environment Using Ground-Based and Satellite-Borne Instruments”
  • 2/11 Prateek Mittal, University of California, Berkeley
    “Trustworthy Communications Using Network Science”
  • 2/13 Alessandra Babuscia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    “Development of Innovative Communication Technologies and Design Strategies to Meet the Emerging Needs of Space Exploration”
  • 2/19 Kasper Rasmussen, University of California, Irvine
    “Selected Topics on Wireless Security and Localization”
  • 2/21 Wooram Lee, Broadcom
    “A New Circuit Design Paradigm Exploiting Nonlinear Phenomena”
  • 2/25 Ameet Talwalkar, University of California, Berkeley
    “Divide-and-Conquer Learning for Big Data”
  • 2/28 Vinod M. Menon, The City University of New York – Queens College & Graduate Center
    “Control of Light-Matter Interaction Using Dispersion Engineered Photonic Structures”
  • 3/4 Taylor Barton, MIT
    “Energy Efficient Design: Amplifiers for High Data Rate Wireless Communications”
  • 3/5 Dan Feldman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    “Learning Patterns in Big Data From Small Data Using Core-Sets”
  • 3/6 Sidharth Jaggi, Chinese University of Hong Kong
    “Robust Sparse Recovery and Applications: Order-Optimal Measurements and Complexity”
  • 3/13 Xudong Chen, National University of Singapore
    “Computational Model for Numerical Aperture Increasing Lens Microscopy”
  • 3/18 Pingshan Wang, Clemson University
    “Highly Sensitive and Tunable RF Sensors: Label-Free Detection and Analysis of Single Cells and Particles in Liquid”
  • 3/21 Daniel Hsu, Microsoft Research New England
    “Fast Learning Algorithms for Discovering the Hidden Structure in Data”
  • 3/25 Sahand Neghaban, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    “Structured Estimation in High-Dimensions”
  • 3/27 Sokrates T. Pantelides, Vanderbilt University
    “Atomic-Scale Modeling of Device Reliability – The Defects That Cause the Trouble”
  • 3/28 Lingkai Kong, University of California, Berkeley
    “Energy-Efficient Communication at mm-Wave Frequency: From System Design to Circuit Implementations”
  • 4/5 Jakub Szefer, Princeton University
    “Architectural Support for Securing Cloud Servers”
  • 4/8 Maxim Raginsky, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
    “Fundamental Limits of Passive and Active Learning: A New Look via Feedback Information Theory”
  • 4/10 Professor Keren Bergman, Columbia University
    “Scalable Computing Systems With Optically Enabled Data Movement”
  • 4/11 Professor Ryan Kastner, University of California, San Diego
    “Bit-Tight Design: A Clean-Slate Approach to Hardware-Assisted Security and Resiliency”
  • 5/2 Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas, Northwestern University
    “Visual Signal Analysis and Compression: Focus on Texture Similarity”
  • 6/5 Vivek Goyal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    “Signal Processing for Novel Acquisition Technologies”
  • 6/7 Xiaodan Jin, University of Dayton
    “Analysis and Processing of Pixel Binning for Color Image Sensor”
  • 6/12 Professor Sambasiva Srinivasan, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
    “Digital Signal Processing: Teaching and Research Perspectives”
  • 6/13 Dr. Muhammad Aurangzebâ, University of Texas at Arlington
    “Teaching and Research Experiences in Electrical and Computer Engineering”
  • 6/17 Dr. Ahmed Abu-Hajar, University of South Florida
    “Perspectives on Computer-Based Learning in Electrical & Computer Engineering”
  • 6/26 Dr. Malik Khan, MIT
    “IMA – Image Manipulation Architecture”
  • 7/2 Dr. Katarzyna Radecka, McGill University
    “Engineering Approach to Treatment of Diabetes”
  • 8/2 Professor Seyed Zekavat, Michigan Technological University
    “Wireless Local Positioning System and its Applications in GPS-Denied Environments”
  • 9/11 Dr. Leonid Perlovsky, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

    “Maximum Likelihood Joint Tracking and Association in a Strong Clutter (“Track-Before-Detect”)”
  • 9/16 Dr. Mondira (Mandy) Pant, Intel Labs
    “On-Chip Sensing for Reliability”
  • 10/31 X. Sharon Hu, University of Notre Dame
    “Improving System Reliability Through Temperature-Aware Design”
  • 11/13 X. Hany Elgala, Boston University
    “High-Speed Wireless Networking Using Indoor LED Lighting”
  • 11/15 X. Dr. Gang Feng, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
    “Lagrangian Relaxation Based Algorithms for Finding Constrained Shortest Path”
  • 11/19 X. Dr. Albert Wasef, University of Waterloo, Canada
    “Managing Public Key Infrastructure for Securing Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks”
  • 12/11 Shuchin Aeron, Tufts University
    “Methods for Multilinear Data Analytics”