ECE Speaker Series

The ECE Speaker Series archive is below.

Distinguished Lecturers

Prof Chakrabarty11/20/17 Krishnendu Chakrabarty, Duke University, ECE Distinguished Lecturer and Chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, “The Hype, Myths, and Realities of Testing 2.5D/3D Integrated Circuits” Details

Colloquium Speakers Shlomo Shamai, Technion Distinguished Professor and William Fondiller Chair of Telecommunications, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, “A View of Information-Estimation Relations in Gaussian Networks” Details

ECE Speaker Dolev

 11/10/2016 Shlomi Dolev, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Professor, “Encountering Challenges in Computer Science, Including Quantum Safe Public Key Infrastructure” Details

Seminar Speakers

  • 2/6/17 David Carlson, Duke University, “Interpretable Machine Learning to Deconstruct the Neural Basis of Psychiatric Disorders” Details
  • 2/7/17 Chinwendu Enyioha, Harvard University, “Limited-Communication Control of Large-Scale, Networked Dynamic Systems” Details
  • 2/8/17 Dimitris Pinotsis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Neurobiology, Brain Imaging and Information Processing” Details
  • 2/14/17 Hangue Park, Georgia Institute of Technology, “Add Sensation to the Prosthesis: Assimilate the ‘Attached Machine’ into the Body” Details
  • 2/23/17 Eva Dyer, Northwestern University, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, “Tackling the Size and Complexity of Large-Scale Neural Datasets” Details
  • 2/28/17 Philipp Gutruf, Rogers Research Group, Northwestern University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, “Bio-Integrated Wireless Electronics, Sensors and Photonics” Details
  • 3/2/17 Kaiyuan Yang, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, “Hardware Security for Internet of Things: Opportunities and Challenges in Circuit and System Designs” Details
  • 3/15/17 Hakan Töreyin, Bilkent University, “Low-Power, High-Performance, and Smart Circuits and Systems for Diagnosis and Treatment of Neurological Disorders” Details
  • 3/15/17 Israel Barak, Cybereason, “Operation Escalation: How Targeted Cyber Attack Actors Leverage Darknet Black Markets to Gain Access in to Enterprise Networks” Details
  • 3/16/17 Mahsa Shoaran, California Institute of Technology, “Ultra-Low-Power Neural Interfaces: from Monitoring to Diagnostics and Therapy” Details
  • 3/21/17 Arun Paidimarri, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, “IoT Systems – Architectures, Circuits and Protocols Toward Energy Autonomy” Details
  • 3/30/17 David PanThe University of Texas at Austin, “Bridging Design & Technology Gaps for Future Chip Manufacturability, Reliability, and Security” Details
  • 4/4/17 Ioannis Mitliagkas, Stanford University, “Principled Tuning for Large-scale ML Systems” Details
  • 4/10/17 Samantha Santacruz, University of California, Berkeley, “Pathological Neural Mechanisms and Systems-based Neurotherapies” Details
  • 4/24/17 Bobak Nazer, Boston University, “Algebraic Network Information Theory: Techniques and Theorems for Harnessing Interference in Communication Networks” Details
  • 4/26/17 Brian Kulis, Boston University, “Rich and Scalable Unsupervised Learning” Details
  • 4/28/17 Sundaresh Ram, University of Arizona, “Sparse modeling for solutions to inverse imaging problems” Details
  • 6/15/17 Laura Waller, University of California, Berkeley, “3D fluorescence microscopy” Details
  • 8/3/17 Berhard Rinner, Institute of Networked and Embedded Systems, “Protecting Privacy in Visual Data” Details
  • 8/15/17 Zhenghan Zhu, University of Rhode Island, “Some Contributions to Detection Theory with Applications to Radar Signal Processing and Model Selection.” Details
  • 8/17/17 Yanting Ma, North Carolina State University, “
    Solving Large-Scale Inverse Problems via Approximate Message Passing and Optimization” Details
  • 10/10/17 Yan Shoshitaishvili, Arizona State University, “The Long Road to Cyber Autonomy” Details
  • 10/19/17 Qingkai Kong, University of California, Berkeley, “MyShake – Crowdsourcing Smartphone Seismic Network” Details
  • 10/24/17 Katzalin Olcoz, Complutense University of Madrid, “Performance and energy efficiency on Heterogeneous Platforms” Details
  • 10/30/17 Vincent Y. F. Tan, National University of Singapore, Minimum Rates of Approximate Sufficient Statistics” Details
  • 11/17/17 Sébastien Le Beux, “Illuminating Many-Core Architectures with Silicon Photonic Interconnects” Details
  • 11/20/17 Mina Karzand, “Learning a Tree-Structured Ising Model in Order to Make Predictions” Details

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