BME Specialized Instrumentation

Each research laboratory is equipped with specialized instrumentation for particular projects. For example, the auditory research group has several soundproof rooms and sound generating and analyzing equipment; the Center for Biomolecular Engineering Research maintains the hardware, software, and international database access necessary to do molecular modeling and genetic analysis; the Motion Analysis Laboratory of the NeuroMuscular Research Center has a WATSMART motion analysis system and associated forceplates; and the Respiratory Research Laboratories have the most modern pulmonary function-testing equipment and gas concentration analyzers, including a mass spectrometer. Several laboratories are equipped for in vivo and in vitro recording of potentials from single nerve and muscle cells. Most laboratories have dedicated computers with specialized hardware and software for the control of experiments, online data acquisition and analysis, and displays.

The offices, laboratories, and support facilities for biomedical engineering currently occupy approximately 33,000 square feet (not including classroom space) on the University’s Charles River Campus. In addition to these research laboratories, several laboratories are located at the Boston University Medical School (approximately two miles from the Charles River Campus).