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David Bishop Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

When Professor David Bishop checked his phone last Thursday afternoon, he was stunned by what he saw. After a 50-year research career, Bishop received the news that he had just been elected to the National Academy of Engineering, the premiere professional society for engineers. More

Postdoc Receives Fellowship to Study the Impact of Poor-Quality Medicines for Tuberculosis on Antimicrobial Resistance

By Liz Sheeley Carly Ching, a postdoctoral associate, has been awarded The USP Quality Institute Fellowship in Quality Medical Products. She will continue to study the role of poor-quality medicines in fostering antimicrobial resistance, which, her advisor, Professor Muhammad Zaman (BME), says “continues to be one of the greatest public health... More

Crossing the Scientific Aisle to Advance Tissue Engineering

  Michael Albro’s lab is exploring novel ways to grow cartilage Michael Albro, an assistant professor at the College of Engineering, is working to develop innovative growth factor delivery strategies to overcome several of the major challenges in cartilage tissue engineering. By Sarah Wells (COM’18) BU Today TAKEAWAYS: • Albro and his lab are bringing... More

How Bad Drugs Turn Treatable Diseases Deadly

Low-quality and counterfeit antibiotics drive drug-resistant infections Around the world, one in ten medicines is substandard or counterfeit, which could be contributing to a rise in drug-resistant bacteria. Here, fake boxes of amoxicillin, a commonly used antibiotic, are seized from a store in Côte d'Ivoire. Photo by Issouf Sanogo/AFP/Getty Images By Art... More

No Obstacle Too Steep for BU’s First Mitchell Scholar

By Emily C WadeDecember 18th, 2018in NEWS, Students

Award will send ENG student to study public policy in Ireland Rachel Petherbridge (ENG’19) has won a George J. Mitchell Scholarship to study in Ireland next year, the first BU student to be chosen for the award. 12.18.2018 via BU Today By Megan Woolhouse Photos by Cydney Scott Biomedical engineering may be one... More

How Cells Remember

In new research published in Cell, Assistant Professor Ahmad ‘Mo’ Khalil, graduate student Minhee Park and colleagues engineered a fully synthetic epigenetic system to better understand, study, and control its behaviors. Using synthetic biology, they constructed molecular modules that mimic features of natural epigenetic systems and found that they were able to induce epigenetic activities in mammalian cells, such as storing cellular memory. More

$3.3M Awarded to ENG Researchers under NIH BRAIN Initiative

Their research proposal has three specific aims, but overall plans to deliver a systematic understanding of the effects of a non-invasive brain stimulation technique, ultrasound neuromodulation. More