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NIH Director Touts Research by BME Professor

Creative Minds: Rapid Testing for Antibiotic Resistance By Dr. Francis Collins, Director, NIH | Originally posted on NIH Director's Blog The term “freeze-dried” may bring to mind those handy MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) consumed by legions of soldiers, astronauts, and outdoor adventurers. But if one young innovator has his way, a test... More

Neurophotonics Center Aims to Advance Understanding of the Brain

By Michael Seele Efforts to understand the workings of the human brain have taken quantum leaps forward in recent years as researchers have developed non-invasive, light-based methods to observe its functioning in real time. Now, the College of Engineering is capitalizing on Boston University’s interdisciplinary expertise in neuroscience and photonics to... More

BME Director Wins Prestigious University Award

By Megan WallanderApril 7th, 2017in NEWS

Matthew Barber, the Director of the Biomedical Engineering Department has won the prestigious John S. Perkins Award for Distinguished Service. This award is given annually to Boston University staff members that have demonstrated both outstanding and honorable service to the University community. Matthew Barber is invaluable to the BME community and... More

A Better Way to Treat Burns from BU’s Grinstaff Lab

Less painful for patients, eliminates need for anesthetizing children By Allison Manning, BU TODAY For patients with second-degree burns, it’s not always the initial injury that hurts most. The daily, sometimes hours-long bandage changes can be the most excruciating ordeal. Now, a new development from BU’s Grinstaff Group could soon make... More

Tech Survivors

How Innovators Make it Through Tech's Valley of Death By Sara Cody Professor Catherine Klapperich’s (BME, ME, MSE) first job out of graduate school was at a startup company during the biotechnology boom in Silicon Valley in 2000. She became familiar with the process of turning a promising innovation into a marketable... More

Khalil Wins NIH ‘New Innovator Award’

Project Will Focus on Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria By Sara Cody The improper and excessive use of antibiotics has led to the rise of “superbugs,” treatment-resistant bacteria causing a public health crisis of global proportions. To help combat this problem, Assistant Professor Ahmad “Mo” Khalil (BME) has been awarded a New Innovator Award... More

Two Faculty Members Elected to BME Society Leadership

Two BME faculty members have been elected to leadership positions in the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), the field’s principal professional society. Professor Catherine Klapperich (BME, MSE), associate dean for Research and Technology Development, will join the Board of Directors for a term spanning 2016-2019. The board is the main governing body... More

BME Professor Receives 2017 Frank Rosenblatt Award from IEEE

Professor Stephen Grossberg (BME, CAS) is the recipient of the Frank Rosenblatt Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He was selected by a committee and is being recognized “for contributions to understanding brain cognition and behavior and their emulation by technology.” Grossberg has been a professor of... More