MMEDIC Program

The Modular Medical Integrated Curriculum is an early assurance program to the Boston University School of Medicine. Founded in 1977 as a collaborative effort between the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) and the School of Medicine (MED), the MMEDIC program is now open to students enrolled in undergraduate degree-granting programs at all Boston University schools and colleges.


The MMEDIC program admits to the School of Medicine, subject to review (as described under “Program Requirements” below), a limited number of qualified students who have completed two years of undergraduate study at the University. It offers an integrated curriculum composed of undergraduate and medical school-related courses, enabling students to enhance their transition to the curriculum at the School of Medicine. The MMEDIC program thus introduces certain preclinical subjects into the last two years of the undergraduate program. In order to achieve curricular integration, students enroll in courses in the fields of medical science (Biochemistry & Cell Biology, Cellular Organization of Tissues, or Physiology), public health, philosophy, and medical anthropology. Students must also complete electives in the humanities and all requirements of their undergraduate college.


The MMEDIC program does not accelerate the premedical-medical sequence but rather permits an enhanced educational transition from undergraduate to graduate professional study. Students must be registered in an undergraduate four-year degree program, of which at least three years must be taken at Boston University; the last two years of undergraduate study, including at least 64 course credits, must be completed in the MMEDIC program at Boston University. Students must also register at the School of Medicine for at least four years for a total of eight years of combined study.


Eligibility & Admission


Admission into the program, and thereby to the School of Medicine, is based on academic record, letters of recommendation, and involvement in college and community activities, as well as on less tangible qualities of personality, character, and maturity.


Students who are interested in applying to the MMEDIC program should pursue a rigorous premedical course of study and demonstrate superior performance in and out of the classroom. Coursework must include one year of general chemistry, one year of organic chemistry, and one year of biology by the completion of sophomore year. Engineering students complete the biology requirement through ENG BE 209 Principles of Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology and additional sophomore engineering courses. After an initial review of applications, well-qualified applicants are invited for personal interviews with members of the admissions committee.


Additional information may be obtained from the Pre-Professional Advising Office, 100 Bay State Road, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02215 or by visiting (