BME Course Information

Academic Year 2016-2017

University Course Schedule*

*If you are looking for tentative future course offerings, please use the previous available semester on the Link as a guide. Example, you should use spring 2018 as a guide for what will be offered in spring 2019.

BME Course Wait List

Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Courses

ENG BE 200 Introduction to Probability
ENG BE 209 Cellular and Molecular Biology (lab)
ENG BE 209 Cellular and Molecular Biology (lecture)
ENG BE 401 Signals and Systems in Biomedical Engineering
ENG BE 402 Control Systems in Biomedical Engineering
ENG BE 419 Principles of Continuum Mechanics and Transport
ENG BE 420 Introduction to Solid Biomechanics
ENG BE 428 Device and Diagnostics Design
ENG BE 435 Transport Phenomena in Living Systems
ENG BE 436 Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
ENG BE 437 Nanometer Scale Processes in Living Systems
ENG BE 451 Directed Study in Biomedical Engineering
ENG BE 465 Biomedical Engineering Senior Project
ENG BE 466 Biomedical Engineering Senior Project
ENG BE 467 Product Design and Innovation in Biomedical Engineering
ENG BE 491 Biomedical Measurements I
ENG BE 492 Biomedical Measurements II
ENG EK 102 Introduction to Linear Algebra for Engineers
ENG EK 127 Engineering Computation
ENG EK 130/131/132 Introduction to Engineering
ENG EK 210 Introduction to Engineering Design
ENG EK 424 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

Biomedical Engineering Hybrid (Undergraduate/Graduate) Courses

ENG BE 500 Epigenomics: Off the Information Highway
ENG BE 500 Human Pathophysiology
ENG BE 500 Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Cell Structure and Chemical Interactions
ENG BE 503 Computational Methods in Biomedical Engineering
ENG BE/ME/MS 504 Polymers and Soft Materials
ENG BE 505 Molecular Bioengineering
ENG BE 506 Physical Chemistry of Cell Structure and Machinery
ENG BE 508 Quantitative Studies of Respiratory and Cardiovascular Systems
ENG BE 509/CN 560 Quantitative Physiology of the Auditory System
ENG BE 511 Biomedical Instrumentation
ENG BE 513 Biological and Environmental Acoustics
ENG BE 515 Introduction to Medical Imaging
ENG BE 517 Optical Microscopy of Biological Materials
ENG BE/EC 519 Speech Processing by Humans and Machines
ENG BE/ME 521 Continuum Mechanics for Biomedical Engineers/Continuum Mechanics
ENG BE/ME/MS 524 Skeletal Tissue Mechanics
ENG BE 526 Fundamentals of Biomaterials
ENG BE 527 Principles and Applications of Tissue Engineering
ENG BE 533 Biorheology
ENG BE 535 Cell Mechanics
ENG BE 549 Structure and Function of the Extracellular Matrix
ENG BE 555 Introduction to Biomedical Optics
ENG BE 560 Biomolecular Architecture
ENG BE 562 Computational Biology: Genomes, Networks, Evolution
ENG BE 564 Biophysics of Large Molecules
ENG BE 565 Molecular Biotechnology
ENG BE 566 DNA Structure and Function
ENG BE 567 Nonlinear Systems in Biomedical Engineering
ENG BE 568 Computational Systems Biology of Human Disease
ENG BE 569 Next Generation Sequencing
ENG BE 570 Introduction to Computational Vision
ENG BE 571 Introduction to Neuroengineering

Biomedical Engineering Graduate Courses

ENG BE 601 Linear Algebra
ENG BE 602 Ordinary Differential Equations
ENG BE 603 Partial Differential Equations
ENG BE 604 Statistical & Numerical Methods
ENG BE 605 Molecular Bioengineering
ENG BE 606 Quantitative Physiology for Engineers
ENG BE 694 Biomedical and Clinical Needs Finding
ENG BE 695 Advanced Product Design and Development
ENG BE 700 Cancer Biology and Oncology for Engineers
ENG BE 700 Methods and Logic in Quantitative Biology
ENG BE 703 Computational Methods in Biomedical Engineering
ENG BE 710 Neuroplasticity and Perceptual Learning
ENG BE 716 Quantitative Medical Imaging
ENG BE/ME/MS 726 Fundamentals of Biomaterials
ENG BE/ME/MS 727 Principles and Applications of Tissue Engineering
ENG BE/EC 745 Nanomedicine: Principles and Applications
ENG BE 747 Advanced Signals and Systems Analysis for Biomedical Engineering
ENG BE 755 Molecular Systems and Synthetic Biology Laboratory
ENG BE/EC 765 Biomedical Optics and Biophotonics
ENG BE 771 Introduction to Neuroengineering
ENG BE/EC 773 Advanced Optical Microscopy
ENG BE 780 Brain Machine Interfaces
ENG BE/ME 788 Soft Tissue Biomechanics
ENG BE 790 Biomedical Engineering Seminar
ENG BE 791 PhD Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Rotation System
ENG BE 792 Critical Literature Review
ENG BE 801 Teaching Practicum
ENG BE 802 Teaching Practicum II
ENG BE 900 PhD Research
ENG BE 952 Mentored MS Project
ENG BE 954 MS Thesis Research
ENG BE 991 PhD Dissertation Research

**The above links reflect the current syllabi**