Mission Statement

The mission of the Biomedical Engineering Department is to pursue excellence in biomedical engineering education, research, and innovation; creating and imparting knowledge for improving society, human health, and health care.

To achieve our educational mission, we cultivate our students’ problem-solving and communication skills, nurture their creativity, promote their ability to think critically and independently, and help them to understand scientific and engineering approaches.

Undergraduate Program Educational Objectives

Graduates of our undergraduate program are expected:

  • to become successful practitioners of biomedical engineering or other professions (e.g., medicine, law, management) drawing upon and guided by their knowledge of biomedical engineering;
  • to continue improving and expanding their technical and professional skills through formal or informal means (e.g., continuing education and training, attending conferences, learning new tools and methods); and
  • to contribute to community and professional groups using the unique competencies provided by their biomedical engineering educational experiences.


Undergraduate Student Outcomes & Enrollment