EK 210: Intro to Engineering Design

Sophomore Design Projects

Every College of Engineering undergraduate is required to take an introductory course in engineering design during their sophomore year, taking place in the Engineering Product Innovation Center (EPIC). This course is client-based, meaning that we are seeking projects from either companies or non-profits that are suitable for sophomores. We require six projects each semester and anticipate having eight teams of students (in groups of four or five) each working independently on one of the six projects.

The course is structured as follows: student teams spend three weeks disassembling and analyzing existing products, such as HP printers or blood glucose meters. The teams then spend eleven weeks designing and building a prototype of an engineered product to meet the needs of an external “client.” For example, previous classes have built devices such as low cost centrifuges for researchers, specialized dental illuminators, and camera booms for a feature film director.