Graduation Tasks

ENG Class of 2018

You’re a senior! We hope you are ready for the wildly exciting ride this year will be. Below, you will find information regarding a number of administrative tasks you will be completing over the course of your senior year, ensuring your eligibility to graduate. Have questions about the event itself? Check out the ENG Commencement page for more information.

Application for Graduation

In order to express intent to graduate, students must complete an Application for Graduation online by October 2, 2017. Once completed, students are to meet with their Senior Program Coordinator to review their graduation application and academic credentials. Students with last names beginning with A-L are to schedule their Graduation Review with Jackie Cronin and students with last names beginning with M-Z are to schedule their Graduation Review with Dawn Cardoso. Students must schedule a Graduation Review before the Last Day to Drop Standard Courses without a “W” grade (October 10, 2017) but the review itself may take place any time before the Last Day to Drop Standard Courses with a “W” grade (November 10, 2017).

It is recommended that you schedule your appointment sooner, rather than later. If it is determined at your review that you need to adjust your schedule for the Fall this will need to be done before the deadlines to drop and/or add. Your graduation date may not be delayed once you have met all of the requirements of the major. It you have any questions please feel free to inquire at .

Participation at ENG Commencement

It is expected that students participating in the College of Engineering Commencement ceremony have met all degree requirements, and are thus official graduates of the College of Engineering. Students in good academic standing, with 8 or fewer outstanding credits after the Spring 2018 semester and intending to graduate in September 2018 may request to participate in the May Commencement Ceremony by requesting a participation petition. Please be advised that petitions will not be reviewed until the student can provide confirmation of their registration for remaining coursework.