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Early Consideration for Master's Degree Programs

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As you prepare to enter your Senior Year at BU’s College of Engineering, you may be starting to plan for your life beyond your Bachelor’s degree. If you are contemplating graduate school and advanced training, we would like to invite you to apply for Early Consideration for the Master’s programs at the College of Engineering.

Applying Early Consideration allows BU College of Engineering students to apply to the Master of Science or Master of Engineering degree programs by September 28th of their senior year. Early Consideration students will have an expedited review process with minimal required documents from you as a student. All Early Consideration applicants that submit the application and requested documents by the deadline will have an admissions decision by October 20th.

Application Requirements GPA 3.4 or higher - seeking aid GPA 3.4 or higher - not seeking aid All other BU students
Online application yes yes yes
Statement of purpose no no yes
Two letters of recommendation yes no yes
GRE scores no no no
Application Deadline September 28 September 28 September 28

The College of Engineering is committed to our students and invite you all to apply. The table above will help you navigate the requirements of the application. Students that have shown exceptional academic abilities and have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher at the end of their Junior Year will be automatically admitted to the Master's program.

Students that have earned a GPA below 3.4 will be required to submit the application with a statement of purpose and letters of recommendation. Students below a 3.4 will receive a notification from the admissions committee by October 20th. This decision will either be an offer of admission (with Scholarship if awarded) or a deferral to the Fall 2017 application cycle. If you are offered admission you will have until the Spring semester to respond to our offer – a formal response date will be listed in your official letter. If you are deferred to the Fall 2017 application, you will be asked to submit GRE scores for further review.

We recommend getting your information ready for the application as soon as possible (including speaking with any professor that you want to write a recommendation!). You will be able to begin the application on September 1.

The Application Portal has requirements set up that our Early Consideration students will need to bypass. To assist you with the application process and for directions on how to request your application fee waiver, please visit our Application Instructions for Early Consideration page.

Congratulations on all of you have accomplished thus far! We welcome you all back for your Senior year and wish you the best of luck in your final year.